L'énorme émulateur de consoles 8 et 16 bits pour Pocket PC devient Open Source :

MorphGear goes Open Source!
December 28, 2004

After four years of closed source development, MorphGear is going Open Source. This will mean significant changes:

MorphGear is now free for non-commercial use. To further clarify, that includes the cross-platform graphics library Destiny, the MorphEngine for creating MorphModules, and the MorphGear application shell that hosts MorphModules. Changes to the MorphModules previously for sale are clarified below.
Because some modules were being used with permission under commercial license from Marat Fayzullin, those modules will continue to be available as closed source, commercial products but will now be maintained and supported completely by Marat. This includes GameBoy Color, GameBoy Advance, Master System, GameGear, and NES. There may be a brief interruption of the online web store while things are transitioned.
In the coming weeks I will be setting up a new website and placing the available source code in an online repository. I am asking all developers interested in joining the project to contact me at support@morphgear.com with their relevant experience and how they would like to contribute. Besides adding a lot of long requested features to the product, these developers have the option of porting other emulators or native games to the MorphGear platform.
In the long run, opening the source code will benefit existing users by allowing for new features to be integrated more often by a larger developer base. I appreciate all of the support MorphGear users have shown and look forward to what Open Source may bring.



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