Get Ready for the Jaguar Connexion 2005

Paris, 23rd of February:
Only two months until the fifth edition of the Jaguar Connexion. The whole Jaguar Connexion Team is preparing for the day. All participants are preparing their systems up for what will be remembered as one of the most interesting retro-gaming convention in France.

The Jaguar Connexion 2005 will take place on the 23rd and the 24Th of April in Congis-sur-Thérouanne, a small town near Paris. The philosophy of the convention has existed for four years. The discovery and promotion of retro and alternative video gaming in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Come and rediscover the games of your childhood or see the most impressive alternative technology.

Originally an entirely ATARI convention, the JC opened itself to other brands. Sega, Nintendo, and many more. All visitors will have the opportunity to see all the main products, both hardware and software, from those legendary companies which created their memories.

The Jaguar Connexion is an opportunity to try exotic consoles, unknown games, even prototypes. It is also the opportunity for gamers, coders and collectors from different scenes to gather and discuss their interests together, over a meal or a drink. A “business corner” will also be there. As in previous years, the online shop “16/32 Systems” will come from England and will offer brand-new sealed ATARI products, impossible to find generally for sale.

This year the Jaguar Connexion Team decides to insist on thematic stands. Each stand will be managed by an enthusiast. The enthusiast will present their machines, their specifications, their games, and related anecdotes. The perfect way to increase your video game culture. Professional and amateur coders will also come and share their experiences with us.

Saturday evening and night, a special event will take place. A “Dance Dance Revolution” Tournament from sunset until sunrise.

A major tournament will take place both days. Three game competitions (Jaguar, SNES, VCS 2600) and one quiz. The best competitors will win a nuon N501 DVD player from Samsung.

The date has been fixed! Will you be there?

The consoles present will include: Atari Jaguar, Atari ST, Atari Falcon, Atari 2600/7800, Nuon (VM Labs), Sega Dreamcast, Sega Saturn, Sega Mega Drive, 32X and Mega CD, Nintendo GameCube, Nintendo 64 and DD64, the Super Nintendo, Nintendo Virtual Boy, 3DO units, NeoGeo cartridge and CD systems, Microsoft Xbox, Sony PlayStation 1 and 2. The Handheld systems will include Atari Lynx, Sega Nomad, Sega Game Gear, various Nintendo GameBoys, SNK NeoGeo Pocket, Gamepark GP32, Bandai WonderSwan, Nokia N-Gage, as well as the new Nintendo DS, Sony PSP, Tiger Electronics Gizmondo, and Tapwave Zodiac.

General Information

The JC take place during two days. You will to have to book your place, places are limited. You now have the possibility to book your place by returning this form per post or per email. We will accept the form until the 13th of April 2005.

Two different prices are available :

- Prepayment : € 15 one day (Saturday or Sunday) or € 27 for the week-end
- Direct payment at the arrival : € 17 one day or € 30 for the week-end.

Those prices are including the meals.

You have two possibilities for the night. You can book your own hotel room in one of the two hotels we suggest, or you can take your sleeping bag and sleep in the room where JC takes place, if necessary.

You will find all the necessary information here: topics/58544-jc2005-official-informations

The History of the Jaguar Connexion

The Jaguar Connexion begun in September 2002 with a meeting of a few retro gaming freaks in a house in the Parisian Neighborhood. It became rapidly more important and is now one of the high-light in the retro Gaming scene in France. Now the Jaguar Connexion is the retro gaming convention of the Retro Gaming Connexion, an association for the promotion and the maintenance for the Video Games.

For further information

WebSite : http://www.jaguar-connexion.fr.st
Email : jaguar.connexionREMOVEME@laposte.net
Telephone : 0033-1-47837027


Florian M.


/|\ Any subscription will be effective at the reception of this form /|\

The room can only welcome 80 persons and since the participation is bigger every year (thank to you all), you will have to subscribe via this form.

Please note (the ticket prices include meals) :
One Day : € 15 prepaid or € 17 payable on arrival
Weekend : € 27 prepaid or € 30 payable on arrival

If you wish to prepaid your place please send us an email we will give you our bank coordinate.

FREE FOR WOMEN. It is necessary to send one form per person even if you coming with your wife or girlfriend.

You can send us your application form by email to this address : jaguar.connexion@laposte.net
Just save this form, fill it in, and send it.

/|\ Warning: The booking deadline is Wednesday 13th of April 2005 !

Entrance Form

Please indicate clearly your answers on the form below.

Nickname :
Surname :
First name :
Gender : M/F
Age :
Email :
Telephone :
Address :

How you intend to come to the Jaguar Connexion : Rail - Car - Other.
Can you offer another person transport to the event ? Yes / No.

I will come : One day (Saturday or Sunday ?) - The whole week-end.

I am: A gamer - A coder - A collector - Other.

I will: Bring my sleeping bag - Sleep in the hotel.

I will bring some interesting games with me : Yes / No.
If you intend to bring some interesting rarities please give us a list
and specify if they are PAL or NTSC.

It will be possible to sell items. Do you intend to bring some items to sell ? Yes / No.
If you wish to sell some items please give us the list of the items you will be selling.

Florian M.


Train Departure and Arrival Times.

These are the Train departure times for the meeting room of Congis sur Thérouanne.

The train station is "Isles Armentières Congis", it is very close by car, we will be able to pick you up at the station and depose you for your return.

If you wish to come by train, please let us know, and give us your email address, so we can give you our mobile telephone number. Do not forget to buy a phonecard. If you call us we should be able to pick you up on your arrival at the station.

For some trains you will have to change in the "Meaux" Trainstation. The waiting time is not much, just a few minutes. Please note. For the "Isles Armentières Congis" train station there are only few trains, so if you are worried about being late take an earlier "Paris –Meaux" train, they are more regular.

At the "Meaux" Station the train for "Isles Armentières Congis" leaves in the direction of LA FERTE MILON.

The whole time for the journey is around 45 min.

Saturday the 23th April

From Paris
Paris Gare de l’Est -> Meaux -> Isles Armentières Congis
--- 8 :22 --------- 8 :49 -> 8 :57 ------------ 9 :09
--- 11 :28 -------- 12 :08 -> 12 :14 --------- 12 :26
--- 12 :24 -------- 12 :50 -> 13 :00 --------- 13 :12

Return to Paris
Isles Armentières Congis -> Meaux -> Paris Gare de l’Est
--- 19 :30 -------------- 19 :43 -> 19 :50 --------- 20 :29

Sunday the 24th of April

From Paris
Paris Gare de l’Est -> Meaux -> Isles Armentières Congis
--- 9 :22 ------------- Direct -------------- 10H03
--- 10H52 ------------ Direct -------------- 11H36

Return to Paris
Isles Armentières Congis -> Meaux -> Paris Gare de l’Est
--- 09 :22 -------------------- Direct ---------------- 10H09
--- 12 :31 ----------------12 :43 -> 12 :55 -------- 13H22
--- 17 :43 ----------------17 :55 -> 18 :04 -------- 18H31
--- 19 :00 ----------------19 :13 -> 19 :25 -------- 19 :53
--- 20 :33 -------------------- Direct ---------------- 21 :15

Florian M.


Hotels in the District

We have already selected two hotels which should be convenient for you.
We will set up a shuttle service to the F1.

/|\ Warning : You are responsible of your own booking.
We cannot take the responsibility to book a room for everyone.

"Formule 1" in PENCHARD (12 km away from the JC. 77 rooms) :

€ 25 for bed and breakfast. Suitable for two or three persons.

"Première Classe" in NANTEUIL LES MEAUX (12 km away from the JC. 70 rooms) :

The prices are for bed without breakfast.

Single room (for one adult) : Already fully booked.
Twin room (two single beds) : Already fully booked.
Double room (with a double bed, shared) : 29 euros.
Triple room (three single beds) : 29 euros.
Triple room (one double bed, and one single bed) : 29 euros.

Télephone : (0033) - 892-707109
Fax : (0033) - 1-602-30356

Email : meaux.nanteuil@premiereclasse.fr

All the necessary information is on their official website : https://www.envergure.fr/pclasseen.html

Also of course : http://www.lespagesjaunes.fr

We can only promise a shuttle service from the JC to the F1 hotel.

To Come by Car

If you intend to come by car, here list of the most efficient mapping websites :


Florian M.