MP sur MZODG de Aidun
Dear Mr. Inao, leader of the Yargonautes,

This is a letter I gave to my sailors in case they would make it to your continent. The very fact that you are reading it is proof that the best of my sailors have completed their long and dangerous journey across the ocean. I hope they are allright and kindly ask you to allow them to heal and strengthen in case they are not.

I am very pleased to have made contact with your civilization and hope that this will be the start of a long and foremost peaceful relationship that will make both our countries prosper.

Therefore I would like to discuss options for trade. There are many technologies we have researched and possibly ones that we might trade. We normally try to trade technology solely in techpoints, but additional gold is possible in the deals.

Finally I want to inform you that if you wish to contact my kingdom, for trade issues, diplomacy or whatever else, you can send me a letter and I'll try to respond to it as soon as I can.

May our civilizations rise above the rest and may they be a beacon of civilization in the world!

With kindest regards,

Aidun VII High King of Britannia


Hi Aidun,

I am Lordevil, Yargos Foreign minister. We are pleased to make finally contact with you.

I also hope that it is the beginning of a long and truthfully relationship between our two nations.

If you are interested in technologies exchange, we have discovered the Republic.



Dear Lordevil,

As the HMS Victory is exploring far away coasts, it has arived at one of your coasts. I wish to have it explore that coast and hereby ask your approval for entering French territorial waters. I hope it will be no problem for you. Thanks in advance.


King Aidun VIII of Britain


Dear leaders of the Yaronautes,

I read the moderate protest by the Mercs in their pricelist thread about a contract they claim you guys violated. A rather grave accusation and I don't see how such a thing could possibly happen. Please let me know if they broke a contract with your team, we can't have a team like theirs around if we can't count on them and their honesty.

We would but greatly prefer if the matter would be solved diplomatically. Therefore, I offer you, if you need an independent, unbiased person to hear both sides, to hear the stories from both sides and help to solve the issue.

Something else, how are you doing tech-wise? Could we set up some tech trade perhaps? I'll ask Lord Rushmore to provide me with a list of techs we have for sale. Especially in troubled times like these we'd like to strengthen ties with your team.

Good luck in the matter with the Mercs.

Yours sincerely,

King Richard I of the United Kingdom of Britain


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