I started wrting c lessons for absoulute begginers to advanced users, I think material can be considered quality, and my students learn programming with this stuff. If you wish feel free to start reading it here:


its only 5 lessons for now so maybe could be easier for you to start following it now in the beginning. Hope I helped..materials will be published on daily base. Enjoy now, or later when I reach more advanced topics...


Good idea smile
Maybe you should add a lesson to explain how programmation works (compilation, linking, ...).
« Quand le dernier arbre sera abattu, la dernière rivière empoisonnée, le dernier poisson capturé, alors vous découvrirez que l'argent ne se mange pas. »


will do! in my following lectures.. thnks for feedback


I just had a glance at the first two lessons. Seems to be quite detailed... maybe a bit too detailed in fact. I mean, sure hexadecimal is important, but does one need to know how to change bases and how data is represented before he writes his first hello world? I think not. I would have kept that for later, and gone straight to the code.
You really have to give the reader what he is waiting for to keep him interested, even if this implies shuffling your chapters a bit or even coming back twice on the same subject.


mybe your right.. Im somehow perfectionist and couldnt do that... but now im on 7th lesson and coding sarted !