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Thanks a lot for this message. For sure we will have a look there.

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The link does not work March the 15th, 2007 !


hi ! here the right link :
is it not to difficult to find spareparts of bx in UK ?
would it be possible to know the name of all limited editions of bx in uk ? ( as hurricane , meteor, saint tropez ......)


bx19gti1988 (./5) :
is it not to difficult to find spareparts of bx in UK ?

Why do you would need spare parts if you are driving a BX? lol

Yes, sometimes it's diificult as Citroën dealers have some parts already run out und the junk yards often don't have BXs anymore.

Sometimes I could use the parts from the C15 model.

In the future, I hope that I can buy third company spare parts as there are for Traction 11CV, DS, and 2CV, but not many for GS or BX until now.

Or I have to drive to France or to order from there. grin No problem as my French is excellent. chinois alien

Citroën has a bad policy regarding spare parts for older models in contrast to Mercedes Benz or MG, for example.

Here in the UK relatively many people use their oldtimers as regularly cars. You see often oldtimers in the morning during rush hour and in the car park of our company is always an Austin car from 1978/1979.
In the UK you can tell from 95% of the number plates how old the car is.

Yesterday evening, I saw on the car park of a supermarket a Morris Minor cabriolet from 1965 - with the postion lights left on. mourn

I hope my BX gets to that age. wink
(el chancho mas chancho)

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Hello to everybody;
I used to live for 3 years in kentnext to faversham;a small town named sittingbourne.I was surprised to see there were quite a lot of french cars until some friends told me that living so close from Franceit was better for them to have a day trip in france to buy Alcohol,cigaretts and make look after the car.
I dont remember if I saw some BX but I remember well that I saw a 2CV.
There are not a lot of scrapyards in England.
I think that if I could get an english BX I will get it cause the MOT is better than our control technique.
Bye to all.Take care.
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Hello to British spoken bx lovers

Very interesting forum!

Winter greetings from France


Thank you!
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