Le 27/08/2011 à 10:28
I'm planning to make a axe platformer game for this contest. I hope I'll have time enough to finish it, which I should be able to do because it's a quite simple game.

It's a port of the flash game 'Grey' which can be played here: http://armorgames.com/play/12117/grey

This will be my first game for the Ti-83+. I already have began programming on it, and am currently working on the engine(tilemapping, etc..). Unlike the game I might not have any background, but I'm not sure, because the background is a important factor in this game(color changes, etc..) Anyway the game is still in early stages. I hope to make it quite good for my first z80 game.

I'm now working so that hopefully I will have smooth scrolling. smile
Le 27/08/2011 à 11:36
That's a cool game ! I hope you will add the background. wink
And the music also (just kidding) ! grin
Le 27/08/2011 à 12:43
But it's a so sad game!!! I don't want to disapear... no!!!!
How will you do the color? Grayscales???
Le 27/08/2011 à 13:07
I know it's sad. I think I'll use greyscale but I don't have any experience with that yet. If I add a background, which I want to do, I still don't know how to make it look more colorful every time you bring something to the girl.
Le 27/08/2011 à 20:47
You can make 4 level grayscales with Axe parser. If You code correctly, it is possible to make the background slightly gray and the color with dark gray
Le 28/08/2011 à 11:13
Yes, that's would be cool. smile
You can also do 8 level grayscales, but I heard that it's a little bit difficult. grin

Good luck then ! wink
Le 29/08/2011 à 19:20
The game seems really cool smile

And it's a good choice for a first assembly game on ti83... wink

I hope you will be able to finish it tongue
Le 30/08/2011 à 10:12
Thanks a lot. I hope too I'll be able to finish. I don't have much time(exams,etc..). But maybe in October I can work hard on it.
Le 02/09/2011 à 11:36
Up !

Have you been able to work on the project?
Le 05/09/2011 à 12:48
Not really. I'm too busy with my exams. But as soon as they're done(somewhere at the end of this month) I think I'll be able to continue. smile
Le 25/09/2011 à 05:46
good luck XD
Le 25/09/2011 à 12:33
I just finished my exams and will try to work on this in my free time. I'll be working on the scrolling and stuff now.
Le 27/09/2011 à 10:32

Do you have already something to show ? (screenies?! trigni)

Le 27/09/2011 à 13:52
We all want screenies x)
Le 29/09/2011 à 10:07
I know you want screenies. XD
But I had a reset the other time and I lost everything. But the good news is I have started rightaway coding again. No screenies yet.
But here is a picture I made in photoshop, so you can compare my sprite with the original. tromb Fichier joint : n2L8 (Grey 83+.jpg)
Le 04/10/2011 à 01:16
I just played the Flash game, and wow... Never knew a game could be so sad sad

Good luck. That title screen is awesome ^^
Le 04/10/2011 à 18:31
It's not the title-screen. It's a photoshoped picture. But since everybody likes it I might use it for that. boing
Le 29/10/2011 à 15:05
Okay, I've been thinking a while and I think I'm gonna stop with this(and finish it after the contest). I have still a lot to do and I have another game in mind.
But so far not much progress.
Le 31/10/2011 à 01:51
Aww, that's too bad sad Good luck with whatever you have in mind.
Le 03/11/2011 à 14:53
Too bad...

But the most important is to finish it, no matter if it's while or after the contest smile

Le 07/11/2011 à 10:45
Yes, I will try to do that.