This will be the sequel of the game that I made.
This will be TI-BASIC/AXE hybrid Point-and-click escape/adventure game featuring fully-working inventory, cursor, phone, interesting plotline, puzzle, etc.
I got some of the maps done so I'll post the screenshot when I find my cable. XD
EDIT: Now I have a screenshot available XD
Good luck with this Yeong!
Silence version 1 is really impressive...

Can't wait to see the screenies wink

Good luck!!

How do you do a hybrid axe/basic program?
How does it work?
basically make axe program that takes variables from TI-OS and use it in TI-BASIC like asm(prgmWHATEVER)
Looks nice. Do you have a picture for every "room"? Of course I'm not so good with languages on the z80 calcs, but aren't you limited to 10 pictures?
The way I do is store multiple pics in 1 appvar (One of the usage of my axe program), unlike last time when I had to store one pic per appvar, resulting huge 40 appvars X.x
So, I'll have few >7860 bytes appvars as a "picture storage" XD
Pertty cool.

This is the sequel of this program I think : http://www.ticalc.org/archives/files/fileinfo/441/44188.html grin
Great job wink

Is it the same story or you can play only the sequel?

How do you create the pictures?
Do you have a converter or just use monochrome bmp?
How axe parser allow it?
You should use RLE compression or line lists to store pictures (like in Final fantasy : http://www.ticalc.org/archives/news/articles/14/146/146524.html)
Your program seems to be fun :-)

I'll try it
I draw all the pictures on calc (Which takes lotsa work XP )
Silence 2's story takes after Silence 1, but completely different story.
So how I store pics to appvar is(Where Axe is useful):

GetCalc("appvWHATEVER", 768*Num_of_Pics_that_this_appvar_will_hold)->A
[Pic1] -> Str1 //Absorb Pics to Axe
[Pic2]-> Str2
Copy(Str1, A, 768) // Copy Pics to appvar
Copy(Str2, A+768, 768)
Ok it should take a lot of work you're right grin

I've seen you haven't created a project on the "official zcontest website" : http://tiforge.info/zcontest3/
Be sure to do it before the 1rst december tongue
oh, there was? embarrassed
I'll make sure I post it there soon XD
Ok. I just rewrote the whole storyline XP
I'll post screenshot soon about my progress XD
Am I the only one who actually uses TI-BASIC in eTIBASIC section? O.O
I think so... embarrassed
Apparently grin
If they separate Axe and eTI-BASIC, I'll win XD
That's why they don't :P

+1 Wellen rotfl
It's about time I release beta! XD
the link for downloading XD
I don't think I'll be able to finish this on-time D:
I think I'll work on MuseInc more instead..
I'll finish this after zcontest. grin
Do you want to give an unfinished archive anyway?
We are not against unfinished programs smile
(if yes, do it quickly)
Nah. I don't think I will :P
MuseInc and Grammer Run is enough for me XD
Ok wink