This is finished project!

First of all, screenshot.

You saw this screenshot on Grammer 2 section already?
Well, I made this game.

Grammer Run is simple jumping/running game with achivements.
You have 15 achievements to unlock.
I wanted to do the same game in asm sad

You've stolen my idea... fondu

But your run run run is pretty cool king
This is incredible what's possible with grammer...
It seems like I'm "copying" a lot of stuff from some other people D:
You're not copying my idea because I haven't even started to develop this game.
Or maybe you're able to read into my brain... magic

Actually I've stolen this idea from the iPhone port called "run run run" devil
You are a stealer ! Go to jail ! couic


Haha cheeky

Anyway, your projects look fine, good luck with these smile
This is already finished XD
Wait, you finished all your projects ?
I didn't even finished one ^^
no I only finished one which is this XD
Okay, so that's what I meant with :
your projects look fine, good luck with these

(plural grin)
I'm gonna finish RFV soon.
A lot of people have made great/fun games in Grammer O.O
XedaE feels so happy love

I hope Sorunome submits his Tetris game O.O