I decided to 'delay' Grey till after the contest and continue on a easier(?) game based on the iPod touch game Squareball.
I have been playing around with my small map here. I haven't made yet that you bounce of blocks, so you go trough them at the moment.
Anyway, what do you think of the speed? And I try to let the grayscale look the same as on-calc. When you don't move left or right the gray stays pretty(not so clear on the screenshot) but right away when I move left or right it starts looking less pretty. (As I tried to let wabbitemu show).
I guess it's kinda normal, because every time you move it has to draw a part of the map. I currently am moving 2 pixels right and left.

I'm currently trying to make the title menu.


Here it is. My final version.tromb Fichier joint : readmetromb Fichier joint : ASBALL.8Xptromb Fichier joint : SBALL.8Xp
Asball is source
Sball is compiled version for doors cs 7.

Goodnight. grin


There might be some bugs I realise. In the 'Legend' menu,
it shows a wite block and says 'Hard stone'. That's supposed to be a black stone.
And on some occasions the precious stone appears to give less value than the weak stone. And there might be still a few little bugs.
But hopefully you will still enjoy it.
Also i forgot to say that if you are in the menj you have to use 2nd in stead of enter.


I uploaded the fixed version to tiforge.info/zcontest
Feel free to make a screenie for me.


Ok I've already replaced by the new version smile


Nick, from Omnimaga, made a screenshot for my game.