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Le Grammer 2 est un langage pour les TI-83+/84+/SE. Il est trés vite et petit (le code) et plus puissant que TI-BASIC. Comme Axe ou ASM, Grammer vous donne plein de contrôle de la calculatrice, mais le taille de code est plus petit. Comme TI-BASIC, Grammer est traduit.

(l'anglais est ma langue premier, désolé XD)

Grammer 2 is a programming language for the TI-83+/84+/SE. The code is smaller and faster than TI-BASIC and it is much more powerful than TI-BASIC. Like Axe or assembly, Grammmer grants you a lot of control over the calc, but it is smaller than Axe code or assembly. Like TI-BASIC, Grammer is interpreted.

(If my grammar sucks, please let me know! I need to practice my french!)
Grammer.8xk (Grammer 2)
Grammer 2 readme
Screenies grin (sorry if this causes lag Dsmile
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Yes! Win! XD
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I can't find my words to say how it's incredible, wonderful...

Just waoohh !!
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Thanks ^-^ I am working on some updates, too. For example, I wrote a new circle routine that can draw the circle with a pattern. Here is an example:

So the next two things I want to do is:
1) Add a routine to pixel test along a line
2) Add a gravity engine O.O (this one might be hard but it will really pay off)

If I add number 2... This will be great for physics AND for making games... And it will be a lot faster than the version I made in Grammer code O.O
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You know you've got an awesome entry when other entries in the same contest are made with it O.o
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You know you've got an awesome entry when other entries in the same contest are made with it O.o

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O.O I literally have competition that uses my entry. Coooool! O.O

So here is an update that will probably be my final one for the contest (though I have a few days, who knows). I have added, now:

Custom Error handler (let the program handle errors instead of Grammer)
On-Block (prevent the ON button from breaking the program. Also lets you use it as a key press for GetKey)
solve(0 will copy a var from RAM or archive to another var
augment( insert data into a var
sub( delete data from a var
Asm( lets you execute assembly programs
Delvar lets you delete a variable
Unarchive will unarchive a var
Archive will archive a var
Custom fonts are now enabled and available
A variable size font has been added

Grammer v2.28.11.11

Variable size font:

Custom Error handler: