My TI-BASIC entry for zContest. More info coming tomorrow (need sleep now) smile
Nice smile

Create a project on zcontest website quickly and post your archive on it OR post something here before tonight smile
(4:00 pm in France)
Didn't get around to doing that :/ Oh well. I won't be entering this into the contest, but here are some download links anyway: TI-83 Plus TI-84 Plus
You don't want to enter Mine?
Well, it's too late now, anyway, and I haven't written a readme for it yet.
It was not too late because the deadline was a little postponed (extended to 2december at 23h59 french time) .

So your submission is valid... But I just need to know if you want to submit it or not. If yes, I add it today to the archives...
Well... Why not. Yeah. Just make sure you put both versions in there, and thanks so much!
Ok it's already in the archive.
It even seems that some judges already tested it smile
Good luck Deep!