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Chris Covell does it again!

I didn't even realize there was raw MML in ADK's drivers... but then again, I never looked at those closely.
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Fascinating. Finding raw MML in a game is unexpected indeed.

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Very nice indeed!
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great work
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Zero: it seems to be more common than what we may think, it looks like MML has been used on the WonderSwan for example, and also on some more mainstream consoles. Ok maybe only japanese productions.. wink but it has been used!
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Hello guys !

An another Cool News , I've found on the Net a new MML project named 'mml2vgm' which also supports opnB ; In this new MML Compiler, the YM2610, a.k.a. OPNB
is implemented and contains an Encoder 'EncAdpcmA' largely inspired by the hpman's codec , to Write VGM Data Block (ADPCM A or B) ...

For the moment I could not verify if the VGM created with this MML compiler worked fine with the valleybell's VGMplayer ...
> To help you, Translate The 'Mml2vgm MML command memo' ...
Personally, I would like to know how to generate this file '*.gwi', which MML editor to use that would be compatible with these commands...
This is the examples : testYM2610BADPCM.gwi + testYM2610BSSG.gwi + testYM2610BFM.gwi + testYM2610BSSG.gwi

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