I've just started using the html2pdf package and so far it seems very good. The only problem i have is that sometimes it fails to load the images in the pdf.

Our servers generate quite a lot of pdfs, always the same format, and the majority of the time the are fine but every now and again we see ERREUR n°6 : Impossible de charger l'image appear in the logs.
There's only one image in the pdf, and it's always the same one. I'm not sure why most of the time it loads fine and sometimes it fails.
The image is stored on a CDN so availability shouldn't really be an issue. We have other things stored there also and have no issues with accessing them.

Has anyone had a similar problem? Or know what could be the cause?



I had this problem with pictures in png format.
In png 32 or 24 HTLM2PDF did not take them by putting these images png 8bits and I solved my problem ...

Jean Claude