Couldn't see a thread about this game.

Burned this to CD but it's coming up with an 0002 error on my CDZ, is this the CDZ sercurity code? Does the game need to be patched to be played on a CDZ or is it something else related, has anyone successfully played this on real hardware?


Santaball has no copy protection and should work on the real system. Maybe a bad burn?
I have researched a bit about the error 0002 and it seems to refer to a read error caused by a damaged/dirty laser lens or disc.


Yeah I thought that would be a bit strange to have copy protection on a fee game! Ok I will try another brand of CD-R, i forgot I had that error when using cheap brand CD-Rs before, not that I did use cheap discs on the first burn I'm only using Sony or Philips as they worked on everything else. Cheers.