Not so long time ago Tomahomae started a new project - the T.N.K. III/Blazer/Shock Troopers-like tank TDS. Originally this project has been developed for the Sega Genesis/Megadrive (with the BasiEgaXorz SDK), but at some moment Tomahomae decided to create the Neo-Geo version of his project also in parallel.
The most difficult part of his work still is not coding by itself but the compilation of his program (it's impossible to test a program without it) - only thing he got as a result of compilation is a dev_p1.rom. He doesn't know how to make the compiler to execute remaining commands in Makefile, because he is not fully get used to work with a makefiles for now.

Sources of Tomahomae's project is here. It uses the DATlib.
tromb Fichier joint : tank_tds.rar