Hi I'm just trying to make a space ship fire some bullets.

What is the best/fastest way of doing this?

I understand the array method but it seems inefficient. Is it worth trying to create a linked list to store them?

Also I don't really know how to make a linked list in the dev kit because I don't think think you can use struct and allocate memory in the dev kit. Or Am I wrong about this?

The only way I can think of doing it is to create one using an array and having a .prev and .next and then storing the index of the appropriate element and kind of hacking it a bit to work

Looking forward to getting some advice on this. Thank you


I've pretty much figured out how to do this now. Thanks guys! grin

I am not sure how much faster it will be than using a sequential array though. I'm sure for long lists of bullets/aliens it will be quicker - especially if there are lots of gaps in the list - e.g. from 'dead' bullets.