Hi there! I've recently been programming an audio driver for the neogeo (mainly as an exercise!)
This is the repository of the project:
GbaCretin/Mezz-Estate-NeoGeo-Audio-DriverGitHuban audio driver for the neogeo written in z80 assembly - GbaCretin/Mezz-Estate-NeoGeo-Audio-Driver

The way to format music is specific to this driver and there aren't any tools to compose music for the driver at the moment; but I plan to make one.
The driver itself still isn't complete, but it's somehow usable so it can be tried out...

(Sorry if I might get something wrong, I really am not used to forums)


hi Roberto
welcome to the YARONET forum
do not hesitate to post videos on your youtube channel
see you soon

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https://twitter.com/mzs_studio (Mezz'Estate Studio) -> Neogeo homebrew development studio! == Programmer: @scarlet_gba


Keep up the good work! And Thanks For Sharing! I would love to compose some dope chip tunes one day!!!


Yes thanks for this good work smile
Can't wait to see what"s next smile


c est tout chaud
ca vient de sortir
Release MZS Neogeo Audio Driver v2.0-beta ยท GbaCretin/Mezz-Estate-NeoGeo-Audio-DriverGitHubDirect port writes have been implemented! (Portamento slides have been patched out since they aren't working correctly yet.)

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Hey hey
I am loving it smile