Hello. I need some help with a little project of mine that i think is of interest for the neogeo community.
Old KOF's like 98 have problems recognizing diagonal inputs. If they are not registered for more than 4 frames they are not recognized by the game.
This BUG was fixed in pc and console versions afterwards. but as we know none of them can be played online.
The fact is that there is a romhack of KOF98 that I has that bug fixed. that version is KOF98 Anniversary edition 2016, wich is a hack that changes the game in a lot of other ways.
This is where I need your expertise guys. Is there a way to extract the code that recognizes the inputs in KO98AE2016 and insert it into KOF98 original version?
Where in the neogeo roms is the inputs recognition stored?
any clues on how to do that?

thanks guys.