hello everyone!
I just got my very own gp32 last week. I was really excited to get it registered and to start downloading emulators and such. Everything was going smooth, I registered, got the USB port program working, and downloaded evrything else required to get started. I'm having a bit of a problem though. When I try to use the Authentication Wizard, some kind of error appears. Everything else went through fine, and I can even download programs to my GP32. When I download anything, though, and go to the game selection in my GP32, it says that their aren't any games that can be found. I think it has to do with the Authentication Wizard, because its the only program that gave me any trouble. HELP!


p.s. I'm from america, just wondering how many other people that are here from america. also, i appologize for my bad explination of things, i'm not extremly computer literate, so its hard when an error happens and I dont know how to fix it. THANK YOU IN ADVANCED!!!!!


if you want to use authentification wizzard, you must download driver for your gp at http://www.gp32news.com/gp32news/index.php?page=listutility&lang=en&typ=2
and installe your GP32 on your PC ^^

then, you must connect gp32 on your pc, mute ON and launch authentification wizzard smile

don't forget to dessactivate (or activate?) your cookies for working wink
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oh! cool, thanks a ton! I'll try that out for sure. any suggestions of what to download first? after I get things working and all.


so, do you have make the "installation" ? smile
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huh? haha, i am so un-knowledgable when it comes to this stuff! I'm at work right now, but I'll try to get everything working when I get home tonight.


arf, i forget there is a time decalage with FRANCE-USA ^^
i thinked you were at home grin
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yeah, hahaha, hows france today? Utahs dismal. its grey and snowing here.


here it's night grin

but it was sunny today and not cold, we could think it was already spring time
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in Nice it's was a cold day.... brrr
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ok, i'm having a bit more problems. Hopefully someone can help me out.
As I've said at the top, i'm having problems with my PC and GP32 working together correctly. I really didn't think it would be this hard, but here's the scoop:
I re-installed the appropriate USB driver (Drivers Windows 2000/XP). After that, I went into the Authentification Wizard, since I had registered my GP32 a while back. I put in my ID and password and a box appears saying "Suceed in register." After that, I go to the GP32 PC-Link Host to download a demo to my GP32.
before I re-installed this last USB driver, I was able to download demos and games to my GP32, it just wouldn't recognize that they were downloaded when I went to the game selection in my GP. Now, after I re-installed the driver, an error appears when I try to download to my GP32. It says: "An error accurred in GP32 process." Other times an error appears saying: "Timed out."
I am in the PC-link selection in my GP32 the whole time. Someone help out? any suggestions would be great! Thanks a ton for putting up with this horribly long read, I'm just really confused.


Just to little (and maybe stupid) questions...
-First, have you format your SMC card under Pc-link ?
-Second, have you download and install the freelauncher ? (you need it if you have the first version of the firmware...)
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hello smile

for pc link work corectlty, your gp32must be on pclink mode(with "now waiting" on screen) before launching pclinkhost on your pc . somtimes i have problem too with "An error accurred in GP32 process." , i clean the connector with wind (triso) and it work correctly after smile.
for information, "timed out" come if the PC doesn't find GP32. it's an connector error too . smile

i recomment you to remove a little the black caoutchouc on the cable (GP32 side) and retry.

if you have a lot of problem with this connection, buy a smc reader for PC (i did this because i had problem too grin). it's perfect .
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