zDoom 0.08 pour TI-83 et TI-83+ est en ligne !

Les améliorations sont :

* grands changements internes dans l'organisation du programme : les ennemis sont gérés de manière à leur permettre plus de liberté de mouvement ; les niveaux pourront atteindre une taille de 32*32 cases (avant c'était 20*32), etc
* moins de bugs avec les lignes, mais il y en a encore ...
* affichage plein écran avecaffichage de la vie et des munitions différent.

Je me rends compte que j'ai laissé la touche ^ afficher les coordonnées des points des murs visibles, ca m'a permi de débuguer un peu..

Voila, vous pouez mettre vos remarques / suggestions ici, a+

You can also put remarks and suggestions here in english.


c'est cool gH
je peux malheureusement pas tester direct la, masi des que je peux j'essaierai sur vti
et au passage, pas de version 82 ? sad


Non, désolé mais ..... je n'ai rien fait pour la version 82 là #honte#.


Well...sorry I only speak English, and some Latin! gH, I posted this in the MC forum, but that seems to seldom get read there. zDOOM is unplayable on my 84+ SE...it seems like everything goes down a line when you move through the menu...and the games is all jumbled, I can see the guys and stuff, but again everything seems to be shifted down a byte...does anybody else have this problem!?


Sorry Madskillz, I've seen your message on the maxcoderz board, but I haven't answered.
It seems to be a LCD driver timing issue. I'll ask some people about this when I'll be motivated to work again on zDoom, and if you agree I'll send you beta version to see if it is solved.

Thanks for your bug report smile

(and you have the right to speak english here of course)


Well...I believe I had played it on CrunchyOS, but I thought I had tried it in MirageOS just to make sure it wasn't Crunchy...I'll try it again, to make sure it wasn't just Crunchy, because Crunchy has been having some problems with other games, while my Mirage seems to run them perfectly!?
if you agree I'll send you beta version to see if it is solved.

-WOW...I would be honored! No rush though, I just want this game to work! I was with this game way back when it started, and I'll be with it until the end! You have made huge progress on this, since I had played the first demo...I mean, you fixed up the line errors, improved the graphics, and countless other behind the scene fixes! I applaude you! Thanks, for replying so quickly, I should have taken it here in the first place!