I'm starting an asm game called "Death Arena", I was wondering what people think of this idea.
hmmm...it's not very precise what you're saying here...
BASIC, asm ?
What kind of game ?
Current progress ?
So far... all I have is the MirageOS button, and the desription. It appears in Mirage, but doesn't always work (sometimes it crashes), I plan on it being a multi-player game (more than two players may be possible because of the two ports on the 84 plus), and, oh yeah... I'm using an on-calc compiler, even though it is very buggy, it works as long as you don't push it to the limit (I'm using Chasm). it is going to be a first-person-shooter.
wow, programming a first-person shooter with chasm eek
I really don't think such a tool is suitable for a so big project...
Actually, the biggest hastle is turning the code into hex form, to make the logo, I just put this source in:
and it made a pretty cool logo... well, okay to me and some friends, I'll email the compiled program to you, (it crashes if you run it, but just take a look at the logo and title, and tell me what you think).
I've now decided to make a basic version before the ASM release!
In fact I have it ready, I've named the engine the "Forever Engine", because, the game doesn't end until the the user tells it to!
I don't think it's a good idea to program in Basic before doing asm... its really different, and with basic you'll have full of bad habits... Start in asm with a lighter project, even a nibbles or a tunnel, to understand how to think in asm, and then start your big project... But making it in basic is IMHO a waste of time...
Thanks, I'll do what you said, but still, I'll distribute what I have so far to see if people even care about the idea.
Great News!, I've hust finished a functional main menu!, all in one day!
Update: this is now for the 86, I just got one this school year.
screenies ?
No, not yet; I need weapon ideas, help?
c'mon dude
you do not even have ideas for the weapons ? have a look at quake III for example
but speaking of a game we know nothing about is quite hard, you know...
Okay, I'll wait to the summer to do this project: I finished this project a while ago, I just never told anyone about it: I'll e-mail you a screen (I don't have a web page!)
I received it, but it wasn't a screen, it was a 86p file.