I just wrote a syntax description file for kate/kwrite and I thought it might interest some other people.

You can download the two files there : Motorola ASM and there : GNU as

To install, simply copy these file into /usr/share/apps/katepart/syntax/ (there should be some other xml files in this directory already). You should then be able to select "GNU Assembler 68k" and "Motorola Assembler 68k" from the Tools => Highlight mode => Sources menu.

By default, not all recognized elements are highlighted. For instance, instruction, labels and registers are not. You can change their parameters in the KWrite's configuration dialog :
- open kwrite
- open the Settings => Configure editor dialgo box
- go to the Highlighting Text Styles tab
- select the language you want to configure in the "Highlight" combo box, for instance Sources/GNU Assembler 68k
- customize the recognized items at your will
- accept the changes

Depending on your kwrite version, you may need to restart kwrite before your changes actually apply.

In addition to syntax highlighting, this enables the Control-D hotkey.


Thank you !
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License notice:
- The GNU assembler description is under the General Public License because it is based on another description file that was under this license.
- For consistency (and also following my personnal ideas about how software should be released), I decided that the Motorola assembler description should be under the General Public License too.

I just modified the file to reflect the license. smile


This is great.
thanks for releasing it smile
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Nice work spectras. smile

People using vim might be interested in this ASM syntax file for Motorola 68k processors.
So much code to write, so little time.


For vim, isn't "set ft=asm68k" enough ?

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That works for me.


They are not the same... I never tried any of them, though happy
So much code to write, so little time.