I am thinking about doing a hardware hack on the TI-83 (standard) which would involve burning a new rom. I am mainly wondering if the MX-ROM in the TI-83 is a one time writeable, or Flash so I could just rewrite it. In either case, I need to find a pinout for the chip which has been nearly impossible. If not the ROM chip, a processor pinout might work, as I may be able to trace the connections to the ROM, but I have also been unsucessful in finding that.

Here are some numbers off the chips in case anybody knows where to find info about them:
MX S001438

I know this is a difficult area to find info, but if anyone knows anything I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks


I've found (finally!) the datasheet for the ROM- there's no real part number printed on it but it's actually an MX23C2000.

I've uploaded the datasheet at

You've probably lost interest in the project but it might help someone else wink


Well, unused but available information is always better than necessary yet absent documentation happy