Hi there, i'm Lachprog.

Right now i'm working on Super Mario 68K
It has been in beta testiong for a while, and is now very close to be finished.

Here's a short descriptiption of the game:

Super Mario 68K is a grayscale Super Mario game for your calc.

The game are highly animated with beautiful graphics and smooth scrolling backgrounds.

There's a LOT of different kinds of monsters, ranging from the classic goombas and turtles,
ghosts and hammer bros, and even Bowser! and many, many more.

3 different kinds of bosses are present.

There are many kind of powerup's to aid you in your quest, like the Mushrom, Fire Flower, Extra Lives,
the Racoon Suit and many more. Did i mention that you can even fly in this game?

There is also an overworld map for each of the 8 worlds with features like mushrom houses,
two different mini games, airships, boats, castles and much more!

There is a lot of secrets and hidden areas in the game, so there will always be new places to explore!
A warp zone is also included!

With 3 save slots you can save your progress, and continue from the same spot later.

With 70 exiting levels through 8 worlds it gives you many hours of game play.
And with the upcoming level editor you can even make your own worlds and levels!

Currently the game is available in english.
This game also has built-in support for other languages, through external files.
I would really like this game to be available in french (and any other language too, of course).
Therefore i would ask if anyone here would be willing to do some translations for me?

Here's a link to the in-game texts:

The readme:

And the documentation:

Projects: Super mario 68 K: 100 % Completed | SM68K Editor: 92% Completed
Egypt: 99% Completed


Hi, it looks awesome, congratulations! top

Here is a quick translation of igtext.txt: (anybody feel free to suggest alternate translations smile)

-Menu principal:
-Nouveau jeu
-Charger jeu

-Charger jeu:
-Sauvegarde 1
-Sauvegarde 2
-Sauvegarde 3

1.3 Not implemented, but might come in a later version:
-Barre d'information

1.4 Not implemented, but might come in a later version:
-Barre d'information:

-Partie en cours:

-Partie en cours:

-Sauvegarde 1
-Sauvegarde 2
-Sauvegarde 3

-Game over:



Merci Mario, mais notre princesse est dans un autre château !


Merci Mario !
Tu es mon héros !

Error messages:

Pas assez de mémoire!

Impossible d'ouvrir le fichier graphique!
(Impossible d'ouvrir le fichier GFX!)


Impossible de charger la carte!


Impossible de charger le niveau!

Aucun niveau détecté!

3.6 Impossible d'activer le grayscale!

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Thanks, Pollux smile

I appreciate your help wink

Projects: Super mario 68 K: 100 % Completed | SM68K Editor: 92% Completed
Egypt: 99% Completed