My Bx has experienced a small transformation since the project started in March 2007. The most important changes has been happened under the hood. The motor is 16 valve version and the transfer box is the same model like Peugeot 405 MI16x4. The last modifications are Bx 16 v phase 2 bodykit and the Quad headlamps.




Now just have to wait more snow and ice which could be happen until January or February nowadays because global warming.

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Citroen Bx 16 soupapes 4wd Torsen


Hi ! welcome here ! BX must be rare in Finland , aren't they ??? Especially BX 4WD !!!!! I thought that every BX in Finland had headlight washers ...... hum


Hi, Bx 4wd is quite rare. There were imported them about 20 pieces 20 years ago to Finland. smile Some has been wrecked and so one. Maybe 15 left. Bx 16 valve serie 2 is almost quite rare than 4wd here in Finland. My Bx 4wd has been imported from Germany 2005 and the engine and the body kit are from Swedish Bx. The headlight washers doesn't include German cars.
Citroen Bx 16 soupapes 4wd Torsen


Hi !, welcome,

This BX is very beautiful wink
BX 15 RE 136 200 km (presque restauré)En activité
BX 19 RD EVASION288 600 => 358 643 km (H.S. à cause d'un arbre de m***e)
Prochainement une BX 16 TRS de 86 avec option clim.
Le temps qu'il y aura du pétrole il y aura des BX ^^
Souvenir d'une 16 trs de 83, que mon père avait quand j'étais jeune, qui malheureusement fini à la casse, à cause de la rouille, plus tard il me faudra une bx série 1 ;)


Thanks, smile Here is the link to my photos. There is some building pictures and so one. Sorry about that comments in pictures are Finnish.

http://sitruuna.unk.fi/gallery/users/Cibx/Nelikko/111/Fiksailua/ First link is about fixing this car. Everything started because Renault 19 hit to my rear bumber and I didn't get new or used one any more in Finland.

http://sitruuna.unk.fi/gallery/users/Cibx/Nelikko/111/16v/ Second link contains pictures of changing the engine and transfer gear box.

http://sitruuna.unk.fi/gallery/users/Cibx/Nelikko/111/x/ Third link contains pictures of fixing and checking Peugeot 405 Mi16x4 transfer box. There is almost 300000 km behind.

The primary link is before presented by Cable Guy in Darja's Bx 16 valve 4x4 exists

I have some job to do with interior and passing through inspection before driving.
Citroen Bx 16 soupapes 4wd Torsen