Zow started as a collection of sound and graphics demos. It was killed when someone who had no right to, released a version to the 'net. That action also made me sick enough to stop all Lynx work for almost exactly two years. The version out there is rather embarrassing and I tried to get people to stop putting it out on their ROM pages. Everytime someone agreed, someone else would start a new page and it would be out there again. Two years later, I put 3 months of work into Lynx Othello and released it. AtariHQ never contacted me about anything or they would have accurate data.

Demolition Derby evolved into Space Battles. I left the title screen on my webpage because I liked the way it looked.

Space Battles is a nice 2-8 player ComLynxed (LGSS compatible) game. It isn't much fun for 1-player though. It's gotten good feedback at Atari conventions. The last update refers to the webpage, not the code. Last time I updated the code was probably a year ago when I added some sounds and improved the ComLynx update text.