matmook (./85) :
Yop GroovyBee ! It looks nice !

Thanks for the compliment.
matmook (./85) :
I've not had the time to talk (my english is very ... strange grin ) with you during the AC, could you please describe more the goal of the game ? Which feature of the 7800 extension it use ? And in which tool/langage you code ?

Your English is far better than my French.

The final game will play like Zoo Keeper :-


In my game musical notes are trying to escape from a prison planet surrounded by rings (like Saturn). When they hit a ring part of it is destroyed. It is your job to repair the damage to the rings and capture any notes that have escaped. As the notes move around they will play tunes.

The final version of the game will need a 7800 XM :-


The game will use the XM's :-

RAM - For ring bitmaps that can be destroyed (like Worms, Lemmings).
YM2151 - For music effects as the notes move around.
POKEY - For an RMT percussion track (already supplied by miker).

The game logic and AI is written in "C" and uses my own games library written in 6502 assembler.
matmook (./85) :
Oh, and have you bionic eyes (don't know how you have code on a so little computer) ? fou

I was going to bring my netbook for development but it died before the event sad .


vince (./88) :
with or without blister ? cheeky

Don't even THINK about opening the blister arme


It looks very nice !