J'ai trouvé ce forum par hasard dans un de mes recherches d'enchaînement et ai dû cesser dedans de dire bonjour. J'ai noté que vous êtes tous de grands ventilateurs de NUON et ai lu le NUON-Dome qui est grand! C'est une honte qu'on a éliminé des laboratoires de VM, mais avec des ventilateurs comme nous NUON peuvent vivre dessus, tout comme le Jaguar a fait.

J'emploie http://babelfish.altavista.com pour traduire ce message, ainsi j'appologize pour la traduction faiblesmile

- Kevin

:: NUON-Dome - DVD Interactive ::

Courtoisie française mal traduite de Babelfish


Hi Kevin !

It's great to see you there smile

As far I know, there are only 2 people/gamers here in France who have an european Nuon with joypad ports (model only avaible in Switzerland), but many of us on this forum are planning to buy one in the coming months.

We all agree with you : it's a shame that VM Labs and all the projects they were working on are discontinued. The Nuon seems to be a great machine with a lot of potential...
Now it's up to people like you, Carl Forhan etc to see if there is a possibility to publish other titles, it would be very cool smile

Sorry for my bad english roll


Hi Kevin !

What a surprise to see you here ! smile Welcome !

I subscribed on the new forum NUON there is few days ago
and I’m happy you find this one. Several members of this
forum follow the NUON since the beginning, when it was
called “Project X”. We are all fans of Atari products,
especially about Jaguar and Lynx systems.

In France, we all expected Samsung launch the N-705 on the
market. Then, they decided to replace it with the N-505.
But, despite this model is describe on Samsung France site,
it has never been released... I don’t know if Thomson will
release the DRC models in France. I wrote to ask them but I
have not received any response.

I hope you’ll come back here sometimes smile

Best regards, Florian
Florian M.