"Caves of Fear Label
Review: http://www.cyberroach.com/jaguarcd/html/cavefear.htm
Hope to have more details for my official News release soon.
It will require a bypass cart to run.
First sales at CGE2002 for copy fee of $25.
Link to CGE2002 http://www.cgexpo.com/

Also considering AVP Lynx for a copy fee of $??
I'm making ten to have at CGE2002.

Has anyone read the Barkley SUJ Instructions.
I found a lot of errors butr know there are more.
Here is the latest revisions. I have not seen any reviews??

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Il me semble que Martial a déjà une copie, qu'il prendra certainement avec lui à la Jaguar Connexion smile


C quoi ce jeu/film ???
Florian M.


y a le test ds un lien

et si Martial veut bien nous expliquer, puisqu'il a un exemplaire ? smile