Quelques protos de jeux Jaguar ont resurgi et sont dispos en téléchargement :
Prototypes for Kasumi Ninja and I-WarAtariAge ForumsI wanted to post these and get input as well as in the prototypes section. I recently purchased these prototypes and would like to get some help finding all the differences between these and the final releases. I could not play the I-war file on my Game Drive, but Kasumi Ninja plays fine. Attache...

Prototype for Tempest 2000AtariAge ForumsCarl Forhan, also known as Songbird Productions, was kind enough to obtain, rip, and share a prototype of Tempest 2000. I havent tried it out yet, but Carl says it is verified to work on a Skunkboard for at least 5-10 minutes, although it may sometimes crash even sitting on the title screen. Ill ...

« Tout homme porte sur l'épaule gauche un singe et, sur l'épaule droite, un perroquet. » — Jean Cocteau
« Moi je cherche plus de logique non plus. C'est surement pour cela que j'apprécie les Ataris, ils sont aussi logiques que moi ! » — GT Turbo