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c'est a peu pres tout, ravie de voir que ca interesse quelqu'un smile
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Comment ne pas aimer ces créatures divines ?


Préfère les chevaux!


je dois avouer que qd g vu "Races" dans la liste des categories, je me suis pas posé des questions, tiens....
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User Commands                                              CAT(1)

     cat - concatenate files and print on the standard output

     cat [-benstuvAET] [--number] [--number-nonblank] [--squeeze-
     blank]  [--show-nonprinting]   [--show-ends]   [--show-tabs]
     [--show-all] [--help] [--version] [file...]

     This  documentation is no longer being maintained and may be
     inaccurate or incomplete.  The Texinfo documentation is  now
     the authoritative source.

     This  manual  page  documents  the  GNU version of cat.  cat
     writes the contents of each  given  file,  or  the  standard
     input  if  none are given or when a file named `-' is given,
     to the standard output.

     -b, --number-nonblank
          Number all nonblank output lines, starting with 1.

     -e   Equivalent to -vE.

     -n, --number
          Number all output lines, starting with 1.

     -s, --squeeze-blank
          Replace multiple adjacent blank  lines  with  a  single
          blank line.

     -t   Equivalent to -vT.

     -u   Ignored; for Unix compatibility.

     -v, --show-nonprinting
          Display control characters except for LFD and TAB using
          `^' notation and precede characters that have the  high
          bit set with `M-'.

     -A, --show-all
          Equivalent to -vET.

     -E, --show-ends
          Display a `$' after the end of each line.

     -T, --show-tabs
          Display TAB characters as `^I'.

          Print a usage message and exit with a status code indi­
          cating success.

FSF              Last change: GNU Text Utilities                1

User Commands                                              CAT(1)

          Print version information on standard output then exit.