I have very bad news.

I just had a call with Mitsui and unfortunatly, they deceided to cancel the european release of the GP32.

In those dark days, GP32news.com will still support the GP32 as we still love it.

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gol c vrai ou c'est des conneries?


it's absolutly true



I found something you guys might enjoy. This is what lik-sang.com found about the european release:

As reported everywhere around in the GP32 news columns and also in the Spanish mainstream online press, Virgin Play was supposed to handle the distribution of the Korean system to the Southern European countries if Mitsui was to massively import the handheld to the continent. After Mitsui’s coward U-turn, a big interrogation mark was raised concerning Virgin Play’s future decisions on the unit…

A couple of weeks ago, Gamepark casually told Lik Sang that a distribution agreement had been signed in Madrid, without revealing more details about it.

Lik Sang got in touch with representatives from Virgin Play this week and retrieved some valuable comments and answers to several questions. First of all, the distribution agreement signature is acknowledged. ‘Virgin Play will exclusively distribute the GP32 handheld system to Spain, Portugal and Italy starting approximately from April of 2004’, says Teresa Nuñez, PR Manager at Virgin Play. It seems though that the quantity which will be imported and stocked for launch is not yet decided and that the sales forecasts are not yet calculated.

This information was posted on Dec 18, 2003, and I haven't heard anything since. Lik-sang is a good source of gp32 news, and I trust it. Also, they also have some screen shots of Radium 3D, which looks pretty good. Here's the column: http://www.lik-sang.com/news.php?artc=3248

I hope the release holds, I'm excited for it.


I can't wait for an officila announcement from Virgin Play ^^