Ce topic regroupera les différents messages diplomatiques entre notre équipe et 1BC (byzantins) ...
Le ROUGE sera la couleur représentative de notre nation.
Quant à 1BC, leur couleur sera CELLE-CI.
Mind the gap ?


Dear Sean,

As the foreign minister of the Yargonots nation, I've the great honour to introduce hereby our civilization of peasants and warriors to your great and old nation of sailors.

We are a peaceful civilization willing to achieve peace and friendship with its neighbours, and we consider the meeting of the sea people and the earth people as a great opportunity for both of our civilizations.

Rumours already leaked that your wisemen were good ones, maybe better than ours. We heard that you hold some knowledge that we even never heard of before, in the same way we have some skills you still don't handle perfectly.
If you ever happen to be interested in some technics trade, we'll readily consider your offer.

We'll be waiting for your answer, but can already assure you of our sincere friendship.
Hoping to hear from you soon,

Never surrender


Salutations to the Yargonots,

As team leader for my humble nation, we apologize for the delay in replying to your kind communication.

Team 1BC hopes for a peaceful relationship with our Yargonot neighbors. In the interest of peaceful relations and technological advancement, we offer you a trade.

We have alphabet, which you do not have, and you have Ceremonial Burial, which we do not have. We would be very interesting in an exchange of these wondrous technologies. However, Alphabet is more expensive to research than Ceremonial Burial. As a nation, we want to make a good deal to the Yargonot people, but we would also like it to be equitable, or fair for both. In the interest of this, if you could offer us 10 gold in addition to Ceremonial Burial, we would willingly part with the marvelous knowledge of the Alphabet.

Please let us know your thoughts on this matter!


Never surrender


Hello again to the Yargonautes

It has now been many years since our last communication and we would like to assure ourselves that our proposals are being considered. We have no wish to rush important negotiations, but at this stage, strong support from neighbours is just as important.

We eagerly await you reply.

Zone - Team 1BC
Never surrender


Dear Mongoose,

Time goes by so fast and it's now my turn to apologize for the late answer to your interesting proposal. The question made much debate, but we finally accept the deal as it is, we'll show you more about our spiritual habits and give you some 10 gold for you physical rest while you'll explain us the meaning of those strange signs you draw on the ground. We hope to trade even more with you in the future.

As for practical matters, we would greatly appreciate as a sign of good will that your warrior stayed away from our borders, in order not to frighten our shy citizens.

By the way, we thank you very much for the orange tourists you released some turns ago, they are now visiting our underground, six feet under to be precise.

Hoping you had no difficulties handling them as well, we salute you and your population and wish to read you soon !

Never surrender


Honourable Yargos

We thank you for your descision to take up our offer of trade. You will find that we had been hoping for this to be the case and have infact already sent a courier with the preliminary paperwork (carefully written in symbols as you are yet to understand the meaning of letters) and another will follow shortly after with the information you seek. We look forward to understanding the mystical reasons behind the ceremonies used when one of our number leaves us.

We also appologise for any panic we may have caused your subjects, we will continue our patrols at a more discreet distance from your borders (although please be aware that we may bump into it again by accident due to line of sight).

We are sorry about the tourists, obviously we hoped that they would not appear but they do seem to get everywhere these days! Luckily there is no faster way of recording their travels than scratching rocks to resemble their current surroundings, then carrying them around to show their friends. This slows them down somewhat and they have not greatly troubled as so far.

Zone - Team 1BC
Never surrender


Dear Zone,

We take notice of your formal proposal and will accept it as soon as we get the save, thank you for the answer and the original advice on the way to get rid of uninvited tourists... Yu wil i ham sure apraciate ur greatt begginings inn ze uze of yor "alfabet" teknologie az wel


Yargos team
Never surrender


Esteemed Yargos

It has occured to us that knowledge of the art of writing will further your application of alphabet. Although we are unable to offer this information immediately, we would like to discuss the possibility of exchanging this advance in the very near future. Perhaps the understanding of Iron Working (which we surmise you are currently developing) could be involved in this trade?

We also feel that it would be beneficial to both of our nations to combine our efforts in research so that we may more swiftly develop our understanding of the field of science.


Zone - Team 1BC
descendre, descendre, pour ne plus jamais avoir à monter


Chers voisins,

Nous n'avons pas eu de réponse à notre missive envoyer le 26 janvier et
nous demandions donc si vous l'aviez reçu. Nos deux empires sont partis
sur une note coopérative et nous espèrons pouvoir continuer ainsi.

Nous réitèrons donc notre offre de vous instruire dans l'art de l'écriture
(writing) en échange, entre autre de votre savoir-faire de travailler le
fer (iron working).

Nous espèrons avoir de vos nouvelles le plus rapidement possible.

Olivier Millien
Équipe 1bc
Never surrender


Dear Communals,

The nation of Yargos would be very happy to establish a scientific collaboration with your people in the future. So far, we have the pottery that you don't have, let us contact you as soon as we get something else to exchange for the knowledge of writing.

Besides, the planting of your new city quite surprised us, and we would greatly appreciate that you didn't expend any further south-west. We wouldn't like it to be a sticking point in our scientific coordination program to come.


Yargos Team
Never surrender


Hi !

Recent events have lead us to reconsider your first proposal and we undertake to give you the Iron Working in exchange for the knowledge of Writing.

Actually, we can already tell you that there is some iron not far from Adrianople.


JM, team Yargos
Never surrender


Greetings Yargos,

We were very happy to recieve your last communication. We are happy to trade writing when we receive it in 3 turns. One point... you only mentioned Iron Working in your communication. Our offer to you was Writing for Iron Working and Pottery. We feel this is fair considering the cost of research and the pivotal nature of the Writing technology.

Is this agreeable to you? We hope so, as we feel this can be profitable for both.

We eagerly await your response.smile




Dear Communals,

We took note of your new proposition and accept it, this is indeed fair enough for our both civilizations. ;-)

We're willing to have a good and whole comprehensive scientific cooperation, that we are sure could create solid links between us.


team Yargos
Never surrender


Dear Yargos

All the people of the community are delighted that you have decided to formally accept our porposed deal for the trade of Writing for Iron Working and Pottery.

To ensure speedy trading we ask that you start the deal in-game in 2 turns (i.e. the turn after your next one) as that is when we will be able to bestow the art of Writing.

Zone - Team 1BC
Mind the gap ?


Dear Communals,

Our Minister of Foreign Affairs has just appointed me as Ambassador to your nation. He mandated me to negotiate trades and treaties with your nation.

We have just met sumerians and mercenaries… We wondered what kind of relationship do you have with sumerians and mercenaries?
We are neutral towards the Mercenaries, in accordance with their status in this game. We’ve had no deal with them. They told us they were researching masonery (that we are actually researching as well)
We had a chat with sumerians and we think they are pushing us one against the other so as to grow to the North and stuck us against the see. They actually said: "I don't want to see your team get screwed but I don't want to see us or the Mercs get screwed either", "1BC claims that you are "out to get them" and other sentences we didn't take for granted.

Within the context of our scientific collaboration, should we discuss about our borders ?

The following is a proposal from me, that I will submit to the Minister if you agree to it.

After discovering masonery, we would research Code of Laws (we can discover it in about 15 turns). Then we would give it to you. Just after that, you would finish researching philosophy. Hopefully you can be the first team to achieve it. Then you could choose Republic as bonus technology, and we’d share it.
We however are afraid that a common research program between us may entail a military response from feudal team. Do you agree if it happens to build a concerted defense ? An other option would be to take the chance now and both attack their settler who is on his way to the iron site. This last option has been proposed by some of our warriors, but does not have a majority yet

We eegerly await your response ! ;-)


Yargonautes’ Ambassador to the Communals
Never surrender


Dear GD - Yargos

Congratulations on your appointment to ambassador to our nation, we hope that we can come to many satisfying agreements in the future.

Firstly your recent contacts with other civilizations:

We have met both the Mercenaries and the Feudals, infact we met the Feudals very soon after we met you. The Merc's we have found to be cooperative and all communications have so far been positive.

However, we have found the Feudals to be very awkward to deal with. they have hindered all of our attempts to strike up a friendly relationship, saying that we slipped up by giving them some information when all we were trying to do was further relations. They seem to be very paranoid that everyone is 'out to get them' and we never told them in ANY way that we thought 'you were out to get us'! I think I speak for all members of our team when I say that we were nervous about the prospect of celtic warriors as next door neighbors before we had a chance to form a friendship with you.

I quote from Uber:
"Uber KruX says:
personally (again, not for my team), i'm scared shitless of those damn things" - Meaning your celtic warriors.

They have come to many conclusions which seem frankly bizarre to us. As you can see from the quotes that you gave us, they are suggesting that we are the one's who should be attacked. Whereas they've been suggesting to us that it should be you who's attacked (see above quote!).

They have blamed us for dropping out of done deals when we had not even sent off an official acceptance. Deals had been discussed in chat and looked likely and we then (in our official response) asked for them to wait for a couple of turns. They rounded on us and accused us of foul play.

As for in game responses to the Feudals, we are almost certain that their settler is not headed to the hills near our borders. We were told some time ago that they plan a city in the desert (they are an agricultural civ) whos workable tiles would lie next to Adrianpole but not overlap. This suggests some way to the south of our borders. We are also of the opinion that they do not know about any iron in those hills. They have not had a unit in that area. We would suggest against attacking the settler at this point but would certainly be in favour of an alliance between our nations should the Feudals become hostile to either of our peoples.

Lastly, with respect to your research coordination suggestion, I would ask that you give us a short time to conclude our discussions on where we are going with our research. It has been a long debate and looks near to completion. Your proposal looks like a good one, but that is my opinion, I need to converse with the rest of the team.

We hope that you are as encouraged as we are by the burgeoning friendship between our nations.

Zone - Team 1BC

P.s. Should I still send communications to all addresses? I have just sent this letter to the address you sent yours from as I don't know if the rest of your team is aware, in full, or in part, of your research proposition.
Never surrender


Dear GD - Yargos

I have just noticed that we forgot to include any suggestions of a fixed border between our peoples for future settlement placing. We would be happy to create such a deal with you and would suggest a line running North/South from our current culture encounter. We have a feeling though that the feudals are going to be placing a city ON the N/S line. If that is the case, we could agree to that city being our border. You appear to have no more space for expansion to your SW. However, you are more than welcome to the land that lies to the South of our cities as we have a similar amount of land to our SE. It will be a battle for both of us to keep the land from the Feudals rather than each other I think.

We would also like to ask for a 1 turn pass through your cultural boarders to the west of your capitol. We have a curragh which would need to stop in your seas for 1 turn as we would not be able to move it all of the way through in one turn. A prompt reply to this would be welcome as we would need to discuss where we would move next turn if refused.

Zone - Team 1BC
Never surrender


Dear Zone,

I shall apologize having not answered before, but I didn't have enough time for it last friday, and I can use Internet only on my office. By the way, I will not work tomorrow, so please see Skidlabnir or flint .

My main work is to propose some deals that are unofficial, mainly because they are still in discussion within the team

We have sent to you our part(Pottery & Iron Working) of the deal for Writing the very last turn.

As a complement for the "Republic Gambling", I MADE A MISTAKE: we should discover Code of Laws in 18-20 turns from now.

We currently are researching masonery, that we should discover shortly; so we ask you to accept or deny the republic gambling before.

A vote about accepting or denying the gambit is on the way, that will end up on 17 feb 21h (Paris time); we of course will tell you the result... (so don't play too quickly)

Please tell us what tech you are researching when discoverig Writing; it would be a shame we research the same one

Feudal have asked us not to move our warrior north-east that turn, what we did; we suppose their settler is going to the iron hill (not the one close to Adrianople!)

Sending mails to the whole team is not a problem, because all communications are public; just "reply all"

Best regards

P.S. Your curragh is welcome...

Yargonautes’ Ambassador to the Communals
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Dear Zone,

At first, I shall apologize for not sending this mail earlier...

The vote about the "Republic Gambling" is over and had the following result:
We are ok to involve in it, if you are.

We also will research "Code of laws" very shortly, unless you deny the
gambling or research "Code of Laws" by yourself.
Please tell us what tech you decide to research after writing.

Nota: "Code of Laws is quite expensive to reseearch, and if you research
philosophy now, we probably won't be able to discover CoL soon enough.

Hoping to hear soon from you

Yargonautes' Ambassador to the Communals
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Dear DG - Yargos

Firstly, thank you for allowing TCS [The Community Ship] Voyager through your seas.

We regret that we will be unable to coordinate research with respect to Republic. Firstly, we have decided to research Philosophy next and will complete that before you have completed Code of Laws and it would of course be foolish to delay Philosophy as another civ may manage to research it first! The community is also unanimous in its decision not to switch to Republic. As you are no doubt aware, since Conquests, the cost of maintaining units is much higher and as such, on this small map, is not a sensible course to take in our view.

We are as yet unsure of what we will research after completing Philosophy. This depends greatly on whether we are the first civ to discover it or not. However, if you are set on researching Code of Laws we can guarantee that we will pursue other possibilities.

Sorry for confusion regarding Iron. We can now see where the sources are and realise that you were talking about two different sources when you talked about the one near Community suburbs and the one that the Feudals are heading towards.

Thank you for replying to the last e-mail as soon as possible.

Zone - Team 1BC


Dear Zone,

We were really disappointed of your declination on our last proposition. Nevertheless, we are still confident in a great scientific collaboration between our two nations and we will give you an opportunity to prove it.

We learned lately that you have completed a trade with the Mercs. We know that you gave them the art of writing and we would like to know what you have received for it since we may be interested. As for us, we discovered masonry, a science which you do not seem to control yet.

We are sure that a good collaboration between us will be in the profit size of our nations.


Team Yargos
Never surrender


Dear GD - Yargos

Firstly an apology - I realise I put DG at the start of the last communication, perhaps due to too much DGame wink

We hope that you did not take our declination of your proposal as a sign of unwillingness to cooperate - we've had enough of the Feudals doing that! - We gave you a good deal of information as to why we COULD not [it wasn't a case of would not] go along with your idea, so as to try and avoid missunderstandings. We hope this will not affect the mutually beneficial relationship we seem to have in all matters in this game.

With regards to our dealings with Writing, we have recieved The Wheel and Warrior Code from the Mercs, either of which (or both together) may interest you. It appears that The Wheel and Masonry are equal in research costs and we ask that you consider a straight swap for the two techs i.e. Masonry for The Wheel.

Zone - Team 1BC
descendre, descendre, pour ne plus jamais avoir à monter


Hi Zone and Team 1BC,

I would like to introduce myself. I'm Lordevil, the new team Yargos's foreign minister. I will be your main interlocutor for any deal with team Yargos.

First of all, I'm happy that our both nations can continue growing together.I would be happy to give you Masonry against the Warrior code. Of course, since our tech is a bit expensive to research and since more civilizations have the WC than Masonry, I think it is fair to ask for a little compensation. I guess that a sum of 10 gold would be enough to make this deal the most equitable.

In an other hand, as a new foreign minister, I bring some new ideas. It is clear in my mind that this continent is too small to allow 4 civilizations to grow without any tensions. For illustration, I have to admit that the position of Babylon forced us to change our expansion plan and is a bit frustrating for several reasons. In this way, Sumer insure a large territory in the continent for themselves. They just cut for our both nations any possibility of expansion in the east or in the south.

But, due to this audacious move, Sumer become weaker since Babylon is pretty far form Ur. Moreover, you can notice that Ur, in 2270 BC, is still at 5. It probably means that they opt for a granary strategy. This strategy combined to their agricultural characteristics is pretty deadly if we let them grow more. The worst of it is that they have Ivory, which means once they will build Zeus, nothing will be able to stop them anymore.

According to me, we must take the advantage of this moment of weakness from Sumer to stop their grow and keep this land for the expansion of our both nations. Even if my population is conscious of this danger, they won't accept my proposition and go into war if you don't. I have to recognize that their cheap Enkidus is pretty dissuasive and my citizens would be scared to waste the life of our brave soldiers. But I'm sure that if you are ok to engage in this battle on our side, I can transform this fear into courage and sumer won't be able to resist against ours common forces.

I noticed in your previous communication that you are really open to this alliance. I allow myself to remind some of your statements : "We would suggest against attacking the settler at this point but would certainly be in favour of an alliance between our nations should the Feudals become hostile to either of our peoples." or "It will be a battle for both of us to keep the land from the Feudals rather than each other I think."

Maybe should I finish to convince you by reminding how Feudals tried to scatter suspicions between us. This was particularly vicious and a degradation of our relation would do their business.

I offer you an unique opportunity to insure the grow of our both nations and hope that you will appreciate it.

Of course, in the case of alliance, we can forget the amount of gold in the trade masonry against WC. I'm sure you will need it to maintain your force in the fight.

This offer is a proof of the confidence I put in your nation and I'm convinced that together, we can go far.

I hope to have news from you as soon as possible.


Foreign Minister
Yargos Team



Hi Lordevil,

We would like to accept your proposal of an alliance against the Feudal team. It is early in the game and we are of course trying to consolidate our position. As such we have few offensive units and would need time to muster an attacking force. We are aware that you would like the battle over by the time Feudalism arrives as this will herald the advent of pikemen and make your gallic swordsmen less of a dominating force but we need to be sure that our combined forces will be capable of destroying them quickly and not leaving them able to build several defenders.

We are also considering asking the Mercs to join us. We don't know what they would charge but a war on 2 fronts would be too much for the Feudals at this stage in the game. If the Mercs should be agreeable to this idea, would you be willing to split the costs? If you are against this, we will not approach the Mercs.

It is of course possible that the mercs will happily join anyway as they currently have no room to expand on their peninsula.

If these terms are acceptable we also ask that the trade of Masonry for Warrior Code go ahead this turn.

Zone - Team 1BC


Dear Zone,

I'm really happy that cooperation between ours both nations are going beyond science trade. With such a support, I didn’t have problems to convince my citizens to enter into this war.

Indeed, after reading your answer, I asked to my defence minister to intercept a Sumerian settler who was about to create another city near Babylon. This battle was a success and it dealt a severe blow to their expansion.

I understand that this war is a bit early in the game and we didn’t have time yet to consolidate our position but you have to admit that more we wait and more it will be easy for them to improve their productivity and consolidate their defence thanks to their cheap UU. It is necessary to slow down their expansion and their productivity from now because their strategy would be deadly if we wait to compose a real army. An Enkidu cost the same price than a warrior so it is evident that we would never be able to equalize our force with them if we don't slow down their expansion now, even with our Gallic Swordsmen which cost 4 times more expensive.

For the moment, our plan is to exhaust them with a war of attrition. According to our estimation and since we managed to intercept one of their settler, Sumer have a maximum of 3 cities. We both know Babylon and Ur. A third city, if it exists, must be in the south of Ur.

Since Babylon is very distant and must be corrupted, consequently only a few units should be necessary. We already have a warrior in this area, if u can send one or two of yours, it would help.

Their neuralgic point is Ur. We must dispatch units there as quickly as possible in order to plunder their area and slow down their growth. We already sent several units and we require your assistance as soon as possible. We especially need some Spearmen since they will probably sacrifice some citizen to build archer but even some skill warriors would be appreciate. Our combine strength will prevent them to move with only an Enkidu and even if they manage to whip their citizen in order to fight against us, it will have the advantage to slow down their productivity. Therefore, we wait for your support in Ur area as soon as possible and please don't wait too much, ours warriors won't resist for long without help.

As for the Mercs, we also think to require their help. But, I'm sure they will join happily to ensure some rooms in order to expand. This argument should be enough and, according to me, we don't need to propose them any money at the beginning. I suggest you to deal in this term with them first. Depending on their answer and their willing we can try to negociate.

If you agree to bring your support right now as we really need, you can consider the trade Masonry-WC as done.

I hope to have news from you soon,


Foreign Minister
Team Yargos
Never surrender



Dear Lordevil

We were slightly surprised by your rapid launch into war but quite understand your reasons for doing so. We were aware of this one settler being around due to preliminary talks with the Mercs yesterday. You are right to suspect that there is one city to the South of Ur (again, information is from the Mercs, we are not entirely sure where it is). As such, there are 3 Feudal cities, one each you might say. I propose that we try and hire the Mercs to 'aquire' the city to the South of Ur, While we battle with the other two. We are unsure yet how much the Mercs would require for such a deal (They would also require a 'silencing' fee if we wished for the contract to remain confidential, we should have philosophy in a few turns and then hopefully another tech too which may help seal the deal.) and it may be that the feudals are even now in negotiations with the Mercs (I now understand what the 'crisis' is that Uber refers to in the discussion thread ). With this in mind we shall try and come up with a quick agreement with the Mercs.

I know Ranger is visible to you but we feel that the longer the feudals are unaware of our involvement, the better. We can use this time to position our units for a surprise attack on the feudals from behind.

I sent Warrior code during the last turn (that was the thing I forgot to do) thinking that it was the agreement to join the attack which sealed the deal. If you wish not to trade until we actually declare war, we quite understand. Sorry for the inconvinience but hopefully in this time, the Feudals will come to us for help and we can say: "Sorry but we are not in a position to enter into a war with the French, allied with another team or not, at this time." With any luck this will make it seem like we don't want to be involved and we can sneak round the back.

Zone - Team 1BC

Below is the full copy of an MSN chat with Uber, held approx. 10mins ago:
<Uber KruX> what does 1BC know of the french aggression towards the feudals?
<Zone> ?
<Uber KruX> nothing?
<Zone> I deduce from you that they have attacked or are unwilling to leave your culture or have pillaged something or similar...
<Zone> Mongoose has just signed in, we could invite him if you like
<Zone> I doubt he's any more aware of any aggression than me though.
<Uber KruX> they attacked an undefended settler
<Zone> That is news. I didn't know you had another settler yet.
<Uber KruX> why should you have? we know nothing of your settler production
<Zone> We saw the first one, the one that produced Babylon, while we were scouting the area
<Zone> Is this the crisis you alluded to in the discussion thread then?
<Uber KruX> well, that and the team is falling apart over it
<Zone> I'll have to say goodnight, I've got 9am lecture tomorrow (Physical Oceanograpy - Fun ) and it's 11:30 now.
<Uber KruX> night



Greetings lordevilsmile

Just noticed you online and I was curious....

Do you or any of your team use any Instant Messenger? Like MSN, Yahoo, or AoL instant messenger?

Team1BC Captain



<mongoose> greetings
<Lordevil> hi
<Lordevil> how are you ?

<mongoose> good, and you?
<Lordevil> i'm fine thanj you
<Lordevil> i would like to talk with you tomorrow
<Lordevil> is it possible to set up a time ?

<mongoose> It would have to be around this time or likely a little after tomorrow
<Lordevil> oh, it's a bit late. U wont be there at 9.00 PM ?
<mongoose> I will be online if I am home, but I'm not sure if I will be home yet... sign on and see... I will likely be here, but it's tought to be sure sometimes
<Lordevil> yeah i understand
<mongoose> anything exciting on your turn?
<Lordevil> yeah
<Lordevil> i have a lot of things to talk with you
<Lordevil> we will need time to set up some things i guess

<mongoose> yes
<Lordevil> u play after us or before ?
<mongoose> before in the turn.. we are 3rd in order...
<mongoose> feudals are after us
<Lordevil> ok, so u know that they captured one of you worker ?
<mongoose> damn it... we were afraid of this
<Lordevil> why did they do that ?
<mongoose> we had hoped that they would not suspect our involvement yet...
<Lordevil> they are not supposed to know that we have an alliance
<Lordevil> did u talk with the mercs or something ?

<mongoose> I was worried about it.. they had an endiku roaming our border... We have had preliminary talks with the mercs, but nothing public..they would not risk their reputation by leaking any info.... I think it was just Uber and Ghengis
<mongoose> the bad part... they are now in their Golden Age... and will likely destroy a city
<Lordevil> it's weird, cuz we already declared war to them..i dont understand why they are looking for trouble if they only have some with us
<Lordevil> *already instead of only

<mongoose> how did you know they had one of our workers?
<mongoose> the military screen?
<Lordevil> i dont know..i just saw in my mlitary screen
<Lordevil> yeah

<Lordevil> do u need some help to defend ?
<Lordevil> give me 5 min, my gf is going to sleep

<mongoose> no... a city is lost already if they took the worker... all they have is one endiku up there... are defense was on the way, but not fast enough apparently
<mongoose> ok
<Lordevil> back
<Lordevil> sorry a little longer than expected

<mongoose> no problem
<mongoose> I was just posting the news
<Lordevil> well, i dont know if i was suppose to tell you that
<Lordevil> given the fact it was not ur turn yet

<mongoose> it's not against the rules for you to tell me something you have noticed... since we have contact
<Lordevil> ok that's fine
<mongoose> we are just not supposed to trade screenshots, and such
<Lordevil> well, like i say, i just dont understand why they are looking for another ennemy
<Lordevil> they were suppose to ask you for some help..not to attack you

<mongoose> Uber is on MSN now... he has been silent..... Well, he asked Zone if we knew anything about your attack, and we played dumb...I think he sent you the transcript... either he suspected, or they just took the opportunity to start their GA and gain a worker
<Lordevil> yeah but they add another opponent on their shoulder. I mean, their position is not really good, it's a bad move.
<Lordevil> anyway, that's just too bad for them

<mongoose> I agree, but both Ghengis and Uber are prone to rash action, in my experience with both of them
<Lordevil> lol, that's the reason why i think we dont need them anymore on our continent
<Lordevil> will you be able to resist or to counter-attack ?

<mongoose> yes.. well, they can't stand against both of us.... resist right now... perhaps harrass a little bit with our warriors in the area... counter attack to follow
<mongoose> we are not in huge danger, except for the city they will destroy next turn
<Lordevil> do you have a defense minsiter ?
<Lordevil> i can put him in touch with our

<mongoose> it will be either myself, or more likely Bolan Longpants if he has time... or perhaps another member will step forward after this affront to our nation
<mongoose> I will get back to you on that
<Lordevil> no problem
<Lordevil> i think that we will need to coordinate our movement

<mongoose> I agree
<mongoose> we have one warrior, Slayer, I believe.. still on the west coast... hopefully, he will go elite against the last barb in a camp on the next turn
<mongoose> a great leader would be nice
<mongoose> you can see where ranger is at, and we have a few more roaming around
<Lordevil> yeah we saw him. We were about to propose you assistance..but we saw the sumerian settler.
<Lordevil> it was hard to decide to attack the settler but it was a good opportunity

<mongoose> we can do some serious harrasment with what we have, and what will soon follow.... it was too good to pass up
<Lordevil> moreover, another worker was just beside
<Lordevil> we need to plunder Ur, it's their nevralgic point

<mongoose> Sadly.. the Feudals will likely mistreat our poor worker, Big John ... perhaps we can free him from his captors
<mongoose> yes... we need to get moving in that direction
<mongoose> do you have anyone close?
<Lordevil> yes, we have 2 wariors in this direction
<Lordevil> Pendragon and Nemed

<mongoose> ah
<Lordevil> others will follow soon..we have a mercs warrior in our territory..and we just want to be sure that he hasnt be paid to do some damage
<mongoose> in your territory? or was he just outside?
<Lordevil> he was on our territory
<Lordevil> we sent a message to Mercs to exit our territory

<mongoose> ah
<Lordevil> i also read that u have not discovered the philosophy yet ?
<mongoose> in 2 turns
<Lordevil> I am sorry to say that you are late
<Lordevil> we already discovered it..and we were not the first one

<mongoose> those bastards on the other continent
<Lordevil> i think that the british have it the first
<Lordevil> they are just behind us in the point..and they started with alphabet

<mongoose> yeah..I knew there would be plenty of competition for it
<mongoose> well, I really need to get to sleep... I'll be online tomorrow night... we may have the turn by then to better assess the damage
<Lordevil> it's ok
<Lordevil> see you tomorrow

<mongoose> ok.. thanks for the info... talk to you later



<Lordevil> hi
<mongoose> greetings
<Lordevil> how are u ?
<mongoose> good... and you?
<mongoose> hehe..I was going to try and ask it in french, but I don't trust my spelling
<Lordevil> lol
<Lordevil> i'm fine thanks..a bit tired
<Lordevil> the week was long

<mongoose> for me as well
<Lordevil> do u have time to talk ?
<mongoose> yes
<Lordevil> did u receive the save yet ?
<mongoose> yes..I have it open now
<Lordevil> i guess that u can see ur poor worker John captured by the enkidu then
<mongoose> yes... and I will have to check a previous save, but it seems the feudals may have renamed their warrior "Crusher of Infidels"
<Lordevil> lol
<mongoose> I am not amused, although I am sure they are
<Lordevil> that's harsh
<mongoose> somewhat... we can be harsh as well
<Lordevil> so will u be able to counter attack and save john ?
<mongoose> we can't attack this turn... the river makes us one square short of his warrior
<Lordevil> perhaps we can coordonate our movement to prevent the enkidu to come back to Sumer
<mongoose> we have another warrior on an intercept course
<Lordevil> we have 2 warriors between Babylon and Ur if u need help
<mongoose> We are not directly threatened..other than the current endiku
<mongoose> he will destroy Mystic Valley on their turn though
<Lordevil> what about u give up Mystic valley ?
<Lordevil> it will prevent them to plunder ur gold

<mongoose> yes..I will probably do that... they have renamed Babylon
<Lordevil> yeah into Medina i guessed
<mongoose> It's now Medina..yeah
<Lordevil> i'm wondering if u already have iron connected somewhere ?
<mongoose> not yet
<Lordevil> will u be able to connect adrianopole soon ?
<mongoose> it will be several turns
<Lordevil> my Minister of Interior Department give me a suggestion.
<Lordevil> since we are religious, we can build a temple for cheaper than u
<Lordevil> we can connect this iron faster and give it to u if u want

<mongoose> that is not our only source
<Lordevil> fine !
<mongoose> hehe
<Lordevil> it's up to u
<mongoose> We would accept any help you could give along those lines... it will be a while before we can connect
<Lordevil> we are looking for a quick manner to help u in this war
<Lordevil> sure, i will propose this solution to my Assemblee
<Lordevil> i think that a casern was a priority at Badb but i will see what i can do

<mongoose> so, if you can spare the worker to do so, that is... One of my team posted a question that he wanted me to ask.....
<Lordevil> yeah we have 2 slaves thanks to the capture of sumerian settler
<Lordevil> sure, i'm listenning

<mongoose> Perhaps we were mixed up... or got our lines crossed somewhere, but it was our understanding that you guys were researching Code of Laws after the writing trade... was this correct?
<mongoose> not that it matters a great deal, since we wouldn't have been first anyway
<Lordevil> i think that we were about to research code of laws only if u accpet to reach Republic too
<mongoose> ahhhhhh... yes... we wanted to go for Monarchy
<Lordevil> well, Monarchy was a solution..but we were not sure that Sumer would agree to trade Mystiscim with us
<Lordevil> after long debate, citizen wanted to go Republic

<mongoose> probably not now
<Lordevil> well, to be honest, we had trade the mysticism
<Lordevil> we managed to deal it against Masonry

<mongoose> ahhh... cool
<Lordevil> before to enter into war
<Lordevil> what are u planning to research now ?
<Lordevil> ouch, i made a mistake, it was not masonry..it was Writing
<Lordevil> we made writing against wheel and mystiscim

<mongoose> starting Literature... waiting for team members for confimation before I close out the save
<Lordevil> can i suggest u to search for mathematics ?
<mongoose> that's another option that we are discussing
<Lordevil> we would probably need catapults aginst enkidu
<Lordevil> perhaps should we work on a scientific collaboration

<mongoose> ok.. what do you suggest?
<Lordevil> in the war environment, i dont think that Literature is a good option
<Lordevil> Mercs is working on Map Making

<mongoose> I agree.. that's just what I set it too while I'm waiting..yes, knew what the mercs were doing
<Lordevil> and we are working on Code of laws for the moment
<Lordevil> we can give u the republics once we will find it..
<Lordevil> during this time, u can concentrate ur research on mathematics first
<Lordevil> it will be more useful

<mongoose> I agree... since nobody else is on, I'll use executive priviledge and just do that
<Lordevil> do u have philosphy yet ?
<mongoose> yes
<Lordevil> fine
<mongoose> Ha.. the dumbasses even mispelled infidel in their warrior name
<Lordevil> we should try to avoid to trade tech with the Mercs without talking between us before too
<Lordevil> i really believe in a strong alliance between our both nation for this entire game.
<Lordevil> i mean that depends on what Mercs will need, only one of us should trade with them to have Map making for example

<mongoose> I agree....... We have a tentative agreement in place there
<mongoose> United is almost always better than alone... two team in a game like this that commit to each other can accomplish a lot. We would welcome such an arrangement... once the feudals are gone, this continent will be much more hospitable
<Lordevil> i totally agree with this
<Lordevil> moreover our civilization are complementary

<mongoose> I was going to mention that as well
<Lordevil> u are strong into sea, we are strong on the ground
<Lordevil> i managed to convince my population into this alliance and we can believe that confidence and collaboration between our nation will be the key to the victory

<mongoose> well, I am about to kill 13,000 community citizens..
<Lordevil> ouch
<Lordevil> i'm sorry about that

<mongoose> it's only a pop1... but it's better than them doing it
<Lordevil> yeah but it's sad tho
<Lordevil> it hurts at the beginning

<mongoose> In role playing the story will be "the brave Community citizens burned their own town then committed suicide rather than submit to the unwashed pagan horde
<Lordevil> i like what Mcgnult is doing on the MZO forum, it's really nice
<mongoose> yeah... he is bringing characters from our Single Player game into this one... he is a wizard with that stuff
<Lordevil> he should write a book !
<mongoose> some of us suspect that he is actually a writer
<Lordevil> damn, it was so fun..eah day, i hope to have a new post
<Lordevil> back to our collaboration, we may have an extra of encens in the furture..do u have also any luxuries to deal ?

<mongoose> we will have... we only have one connected presently
<mongoose> encens = ?
<Lordevil> it's fine, what kind ?
<mongoose> furst
<mongoose> furs
<Lordevil> encens = incense ?
<mongoose> ah..yes... I realized it right before you posted it
<Lordevil> sorry
<mongoose> hang on.. brb
<Lordevil> sure
<mongoose> ok
<Lordevil> well, now that we agreed with scientific and commercial terms, we should perhaps talk about our military plans, what do u think about it ?
<mongoose> we will have a barracks next turn.. we are all about feudal destruction at this point... I am pissed, my team is pissed... they had no reason to suspect us. Ranger and Slayer (our western warriors) will link up and head south... and we will be building units to see what can be done about Medina as well
<Lordevil> we are also pissed against Feudals too
<Lordevil> the reason why we enter into war was Medina
<Lordevil> and my team is also ready to fight agianst their politics of expansion

<mongoose> do you have iron linked?
<Lordevil> not yet, but it will be soon
<mongoose> I know you have that one close, but it wasn't linked when we went by in TCS Voyager
<Lordevil> a few turns needed
<Lordevil> yeah, we still wanted to build cheap warrior..so didnt want to connected it too early

<mongoose> yep.. but upgrades are expensive
<Lordevil> yeah, but this was before war is declared
<mongoose> yeah
<Lordevil> now we are connecting
<Lordevil> the spot is just next our city so it wont be long
<Lordevil> i think that we need to make a mix of spearman and archer at the beginning
<Lordevil> just to plunder and slow down the productivity of Ur

<mongoose> yeah... our warriors will get there first though.. they may be able to get it done... they are in a GA now
<Lordevil> Medina is not a problem, only a few warrior on the hill and a spearman on their corn should be enough
<Lordevil> i'm not sure they are in GA yet

<mongoose> wouldn't they have gone into GA after taking our worker?
<Lordevil> capture a worker is not enough to start GA
<Lordevil> u need a fight
<Lordevil> we c
<Lordevil> *
<Lordevil> u can start their GA by attacking an enkidu for example

<mongoose> ah... ok... I've never tried to start one that way, i wasn't sure... that's kind of like our Dromon... it can bombard without starting a GA, unless the bombardment kills a sea unit (lethal sea) that would start one
<mongoose> only if we lose
<Lordevil> yeah it's not difficult with a warrior
<mongoose> I know
<Lordevil> for the dromon, it's similar indeed
<Lordevil> do u know if Ur is connected to the sea ?

<mongoose> we can't see ... all we see is part of the border
<Lordevil> ok..does ur curragh finish to complete to go around our continent ?
<mongoose> it hasn't yet... we have been detoured by some little islands... and we have been in debate about trying to reach the others
<Lordevil> oh i understand
<Lordevil> so in how many turns do u think u will be able to put an archer and a spearman in Ur area ?
<Lordevil> then i can ask to my Defense Minister to send some of our units too

<mongoose> one sec.. let me do some math
<Lordevil> sure
<mongoose> 16 turns would be the soonest... more likely 21.. it's 11 turns to the Ur border
<Lordevil> ok, we should be able to send it too, i need to confirm it with my defense minister
<mongoose> Both Ranger and Slayer can be on the border in 7
<Lordevil> we have also Pendragon and Nemed who can be there in 6 turn
<Lordevil> but one enkidu is coming

<mongoose> they will likely want you to attack it... they will not want to be the attacker
<Lordevil> yeah that's what we suppose to.
<Lordevil> we are wondering if we should sacrifice one of our warrior now to start their GA
<Lordevil> i guess it is better to wait us to be ready
<Lordevil> otherwise we will see a lot of enkidu in their town

<mongoose> yeah... if they get a GA, they'll build a bunch of them, then this is a seriously tough task
<Lordevil> indeed..but in other hand, it is perhaps better for them to have their GA now since they dont have a lot of towns
<mongoose> yeah.. they less production they have when the GA starts, the better... that would probably be the lesser of the two evils
<Lordevil> our scientist are calculating some estimations, we should have an answer during this week-end
<mongoose> cool
<Lordevil> well, i'm a little tired i guess
<mongoose> yes..I need to finish this turn and get it posted
<Lordevil> perhaps we can continue this conversation tomorrow or sunday ?
<mongoose> that would be great.. perhaps with a couple more of my team members in attendance..I don't know where the hell everyone is at tonight...
<Lordevil> or do u have others questions that we should try to discuss ?
<mongoose> not at the moment... we covered quite a bit
<Lordevil> lol, all my team must sleep at this moment
<Lordevil> damn them !

<mongoose> Bastards!
<mongoose> well, good night then, well talk to you over the weekend
<Lordevil> ok thanks
<Lordevil> good night
Tas d'Loutres !
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<Lordevil> sup
<mongoose> not much.. what are you up to?
<Lordevil> oh well, just talking a bit if you have any time
<mongoose> ok.. have a look at this first, I think you'll like it... http://central.masterzen.net/index.php?showtopic=3432
<Lordevil> omg
<Lordevil> that is insane !

<mongoose> I am still in recovery
<Lordevil> i understand how it could hurt
<Lordevil> and u waste a vip ticket !!!!!!!

<mongoose> I said it wasn't wasted... one less jackass in the event
<Lordevil> damn u !
<mongoose> that seems to be the general consensus
<Lordevil> it is inhuman to do that to us
<mongoose> I told a friend of mine here in town about the dancing with the Strip Club manager, he just about flipped... he said every guy that comes into that club is after her
<Lordevil> it's impressing how Hef's bed still that black
<mongoose> HA!
<mongoose> can you imagine the absolute depravity that's taken place on that bed?
<mongoose> I don't think you have met VonClauswitz of 1BC.. let me invite him in
von Clausewitz has been added to the conversation.
<mongoose> Von Clausewitz, meet lordevil.... and vice versa
<Lordevil> hi
<von Clausewitz> hello
<Lordevil> brb phone
<mongoose> k
<Lordevil> ok
<Lordevil> sorry
<Lordevil> nice to meet u von claus (

<von Clausewitz> ok
<von Clausewitz> nice to meet you as well
<mongoose> damnit... I'm going to throw this phone out the f'ing window!
<Lordevil> lol, i was about to say the same thing
<Lordevil> but if i were u moongoose, i would keep it...u never know if someday one of these chicks can call u

<von Clausewitz> right, long live the bunnies!
<Lordevil> damnit, November'99 is pretty cute
<mongoose> anyway.. I was going to tell VonC, but I'll tell you too... I talked to a friend of mine today...
<Lordevil> and ?
<mongoose> and was telling him about the strippers that showed up.. and I told him about the one girl that had been dancing with me, most of the night... I told him that she was the manager, and he about passed out.. he said that every guy that goes in there is after her...
<Lordevil> lol
<Lordevil> ur damn lucky

<von Clausewitz> very nice
<Lordevil> oh well, let's talk about civ or i will get mad jealous
<von Clausewitz> ing out soon?
<von Clausewitz> why did only the last half show up?
<mongoose> hehe.. okay... well, as you know, we are currently researching math... and you are researching CoL, correct? or maybe you are completing it?
<von Clausewitz> anyway is a 1.20 patch coming out soon?
<Lordevil> yeah we are still looking for it
<mongoose> not sure..I've heard talk...haven't really paid much attention till everyone decides to switch
<Lordevil> it is suppose too but not sure we will play with it anyway
<Lordevil> in 1.20, enkidu will cost 15 shield, it would be nice for us

<mongoose> oh, they would complain about that!
<von Clausewitz> hurray
<Lordevil> but i guess that we wont switch before to be sure that this patch is ok
<mongoose> yes, considering some of the previous patch issues, that's probably wise
<Lordevil> anyway, if everything is allright, they will die before we have to switch
<von Clausewitz> hurray
<Lordevil> i just want to know how is it going with the mercs
<mongoose> hehe.. we can only hope
<mongoose> we have heard nothing from them
<Lordevil> i know that u are suppose to deal with them for their participation in this war
<mongoose> I know that they had the issue with the Feudals, but we haven't heard back from them
<von Clausewitz> what is with the whole thing between the feudals and the mercs? the trading a tech away was breaking a deal?
<mongoose> I asked them to figure out the cost of taking the southern city, but still nothing
<Lordevil> yeah i read this issue...GF is just faking
<Lordevil> well, they was a clause of non trade in one of the tech they have excahnge with the mercs

<mongoose> yes, the feudals and mercs agreed to a trade as long as the mercs didn't trade the techs to us.. the mercs traded it to someone else, and there was a misunderstanding
<Lordevil> but the mercs forgot it and still share it
<mongoose> by us, I mean yargos or 1bc
<von Clausewitz> so there is a 5th team around from what i gathered fom that
<Lordevil> i believed first that was with you
<Lordevil> i was like a bit surprising
<Lordevil> von : yeah it's what i understand too

<von Clausewitz> we havent got anything from the mercs since we traded writing
<Lordevil> if u need anything, please ask us before
<Lordevil> i think that it is not in our interest to give the opportunities to the mercs to be tech advanced

<von Clausewitz> true
<Lordevil> they will probably be paid to f*k us one day
<von Clausewitz> as far as we know they are researching maps
<mongoose> well, as it turns out, we have acquired Mysticism from the "mysterious" fifth civ they are the Latinos.....
<Lordevil> i didnt know u need it, we woug give it to u
<von Clausewitz> we gave the wheel
<Lordevil> i told u hat we acquired it from sumer before the war, didnt i ?
<mongoose> we just found them on what we think is an island, but we haven't gotten all the way around it with Voyager.... we didn't need it that bad, but we are trying to establish a relationship with the Latinos.. and thought that was a good way
<Lordevil> yeah i understand
<mongoose> a new tech partner other than the mercs would be a good thing
<von Clausewitz> they said they know the mercs
<Lordevil> it's weird cuz the mystiscim is the tech on which the non-sharing clause was on
<mongoose> 3 can do more than 2
<Lordevil> i would believe that the latino would have it if they know the mercs
<mongoose> that's where Latinos got it, I'm sure.. the mercs.. that was the misunderstanding
<Lordevil> yeah yeah
<von Clausewitz> and the no trade was for us and then the mecrs trade it to the latinos who trade to us so the feudals did get screwed if they didnt want us to get it
<Lordevil> it was fun how GF said that was the way for them to buy the peace with you
<Lordevil> and they attacked u !

<mongoose> haha
<von Clausewitz> so if they would trade it to you, the yargos, and not to us, 1bc, then i think that the feudals were planning to attack us regardless of the alliance - which they couldn't have known about
<Lordevil> i'm sure that they were about to attack you cuz we were too advanced for them
<Lordevil> but we just ruined their plans by attacking them

<mongoose> yes.. and they are sooooo happy
<von Clausewitz> having uber running the show by himself was a good sign they would do something
<Lordevil> hehe u know Uber that much ?
<von Clausewitz> just from what i see and read
<Lordevil> lol, true
<Lordevil> i feel some hate against the frenchies

<von Clausewitz> he hasn't been the most pleasent person to negotiate with
<mongoose> Uber is not the most level headed individual on the face of the earth... yeah.. GF.. frenchy skulls were going to be their currency..I have to admit I got a laugh out of that
<Lordevil> lol, me too
<Lordevil> so we dont have any news from the mercs ?

<mongoose> nothing... hang on one sec
<Lordevil> do u know how much they ask to plunder sumer ?
<Lordevil> k

<mongoose> Togas is on MZO.. sent him a PM to meet me on IRC... I'll hang out there for a bit to see if he shows
<Lordevil> who is togas ?
<Lordevil> are u talking to me or to von ?

<mongoose> Togas is the head of the mercs
<Lordevil> oh i believed it was unothdox
<mongoose> well.. both of them, to an extent..I have talked to Togas more than any of them
<Lordevil> ok ok
<mongoose> he is there...
<Lordevil> with this damn break contract, it will be difficult to convince mercs to enter into this war against feudal i guess
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[20:47] <Togas> what can we do for you?
[20:47] <mongoose201> just wondering if you have arrived at a figure for our proposal
[20:48] <Togas> no figure yet. But we might be able to if you can tell us:
[20:48] <Togas> when the attack will be made
[20:49] <Togas> what target(s0
[20:49] <Togas> target(s)
[20:49] <Togas> what objective ... just an attack? Capture? Raize?
[20:49] <Togas> we'll then determine how many units and be able to come up with a price for ya
[20:49] <Togas> oh, and btw, .... nice pictures at MZO from the party
[20:49] <mongoose201> ok.. I'll bring this before the people to come up with a specific request...
<Lordevil> in fact, i think that i would request them specifically to plunder Mecca
<Lordevil> what is the prize to plunder evry ground improvement of Mecca ?

<mongoose> oohhhhh.. that's good.. hang on
<mongoose> which city is mecca? is that the southern city or the capital?
<Lordevil> no, the capital
<Lordevil> it was Ur

<mongoose> [20:55] <mongoose201> Ok.. we have come up with something simple.. We would like a price from pillaging all improved ground squares around Mecca
[20:55] <mongoose201> for pillaging*
[20:56] <mongoose201> timeline: as soon as you can do it
[20:56] <Togas> mecca = capital?
[20:58] <mongoose201> the capital.. it was Ur, I guess.. maybe they changed it... we can't see it
<Lordevil> yes it was, u can see it in the F11 menu
<Lordevil> it's their capital Ur

<mongoose> ahhh.. ok
<mongoose> [21:01] <mongoose201> the capital city.. whatever it is they like to change names all the time
[21:02] <mongoose201> They named one of their endikus "Crusher of infadels"... I sent them a message with the save that said "you misspelled infidel, pagans"... the next turn they had spelled it Infedel
[21:02] <Togas> yes they do
[21:02] <Togas> I'll post this request. I think we could do that relatively easily once we get MM done and build a cadre of tile-destroying spears
[21:02] <Togas> probably w/in 20 turns
[21:04] <Togas> I'll post this request to my team tonight. We can work up some formal language and a proposal to you within a few days
[21:04] <mongoose201> ok.. thanks
<Lordevil> nice
<von Clausewitz> sounds good
<Lordevil> add that we ant a price for a success not only for a try
<von Clausewitz> see if they cant catch us a worker as well
<mongoose> if we pay them.. that would be in the language.. they are not going to lose a spearman or two and quit
<Lordevil> i hope so..mercs is mercs u know
<mongoose> hehe, yeah
<mongoose> well.. I have to go get a couple things done.. I'll be on a little later.. good talkin to ya
<Lordevil> ok thanks
<mongoose> no prob
<von Clausewitz> ok bye
<Lordevil> if u need anything, plz dont hesitate to contact me
<mongoose {back later}> sure thing
<Lordevil> later
<von Clausewitz> ok i have you on the list now
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<mongoose {back later}> damn.. he left quick.. lol