First, yes you have to attack Bitum next turn. If you manage to kill the defenders and the city stand, you have to send it to us at the end of your turn.

Futhermore, I am not sure to understand where you want to settle your next city. Because if you are speaking of the swamp beside Bitum, does it mean that we have to deny the Bitum spot and moreover we shall have to give up Ayronis in order to respect the radius of your next town ?

I am not sure where we can find our interest in this way.



Bitum is size one and has no culture. Based on it's history, we estimate it will not grow to size 2 for another 6 turns at the earliest, assuming team Feudal doesn't just poprush at that time, which they should. No, I'm afraid Bitum will be razed.

Should there be units with movement left, may I assume you wish them loaded and heading north towards the other feudal holdings, or should they hold and all leave next turn?

Yes, I am speaking of the swamp next to Bitum. I do not have the map in front of me, didn't think Ayronis would cause any problems and, as you see, I expect Bitum to be razed. No, we would not expect you to give up ayronis if there were a problem


If ur units managed to take Bitum, just wait a turn to take all ur units.

I agree that fact that Bitum will probably be razed. But still, it doesn't prevent us to assert ours rights on this territory and settle a city there.

We can consider to let you the spot..but it won't be free.

If you are open to negociate this spot, I can submit a debate on my forum to see if my people agree to sell it.



Greetings Team Yargos,

First, of all, I noticed that our payment was not received as agreed for delivery of Contract 00015.

Unfortunately, I was unable to get the word out before our anxious archers had Begun with the attack we had promised them. We conferred and decided it was most likely simply an oversight on your part, and continued with the attack as planned, and trust full payment will be sent this following turn as agreed. You should know Team Mercenary has acheived contacts with all civilizations, and is now free to share all contract information in the public forum in accordance with the team charters agreed to at the beginning of the game. I will be getting this thread up in the next few days actually. I will refrain from posting any information about contract 00015 until we receive the following save. At that time all relevent information on contract 00015 will also be posted, including the name of contractor if no secrecy payment received, and if neccessary negligent payments if none are received.

The following battle report is supplied to you in accordance to contract 00015:

Dakota attacks 2 against 4/4 Enkidu; Dakota is slaughtered
-Dagon attacks 2 against same Enkidu; takes it down 2 HP before Dagon dies, Enkidu is promoted to 3/5
-Unnamed Archer attacks 2 against 3/5 Enkidu; kills it losing 1 HP, and is promoted to 4/5. Bitum auto-razed



It is a surprise for us to see that 3 workers protect by a spearman are working on the tile near Ayronis.
We are wondering what is the purpose since we told you that a city there will be a brake to Ayronis development.




Hi Team Mercs,

Since we didnt receive any answer after 2 warnings, we had to take decision for the security of our country. Workers who were working on this tiles were captured. They will be condamned to a life of slave for their impudence.

We are sorry to go this far but your lack of concern didnt let us the choice.



Greetings Team Yargos,

It is indeed an unfortunate series of events. I am sure you are well aware that the game was very much in question for well over a month. It should come as no real surprise, then, that we simply forgot that we had not answered your querry on the workers. While indeed allot of real time had passed, only a single turn in game had passed from the time of your question untill your attack.

Thus, we will answer now:

We had proposed a border deal. You denied the border deal, and asked for payment. We are not in the habit of paying for something that is no one's in the first place. We are talking about unoccupied land.

Your concerns of the 'safety' and 'security' of your city are unfounded as well. In the worst case, that city site will take 2 workable tiles from your own city. And, we're not exactly in the habit of expanding borders in case you hadn't noticed. If team Yargos is to be in the habit of making no concessions, and demanding payment for what is not theirs to begin with, we wish you luck if you are going to try any form of diplomacy in this game. The city site represented our only opportunity for a canal. That is all. If you were concerned about the source of Iron, a simple check of your diplomacy screen would have informed you we already have acquired Iron elsewhere.

That said, we are at least partially responsible for THIS situation. If you return the workers in good faith, we will forgive this attack, and ask again that you negotiate a border agreement on a reasonable term and not demanding payment for what is not yours.

The more serious offense, however, is the destruction of units that were on loan to you in good faith. We rented you units, moved them as you ordered, and you willingly attacked and destroyed these units at your first convenience. This is a most grievous violation of our contract system, and shall not be overlooked.

However, as with all in Team Mercenary, money talks. Where rentals of our units const 1/5 shield cost, we must ask you purchase these units outright for this violation at a rate of 3 * the shield price. In this case, 240 gold.



Greetings Team Mercs,

In this time of war, you should understand that our guard is on the highest level. We already sent you a warning and your lack of concern just pushed us to do the less to assure the security of our people.

This concern about security is not unfounded. A road or a town in this tile would put Ayronis in the range of any horsemen from your territory. Even if, at first, you have no intention to hurt us, maybe should I remind that you are mercs and can be paid by anybody to do it. We tried to found out what your workers were doing since we can't guess if they were cleaning the tiles or making a road. If they were cleaning, we might have delayed our attack but you didn’t answer to my communication. For this reason, we didn’t have other choice to eliminate the risk of an attack.

As u remind us so well, only money talk to team Mercs, consequently, whatever your reason is, we cant let any road or settling on this tile. We can't allow such a risk and let Ayronis under such a threat.

We are sorry for the units you have rented to us. You must be aware that their destruction is not calculated and is only subsequent to our first move in Ayronis area. It's not like we could let mercs units in the middle of our country once the war is declared even if they are paid by us. I think that you couldn't expect that you reparation request be taken seriously.

As for the ownership of the land, I don’t know what is your point of view, but ours is that if you manage to take over a country whose land belongs to, then this land belongs to you. This tile used to be Sumerian, the tile was in Bitum radius. We crushed the Feudals then their lands belongs to us. Its is as simply as it and I doubt that anybody can argue against this logic.

We thank you for your luck wish about our diplomacy way but you should first care about yours. This situation wouldn't happen if you kept it updated.


Team Yargos Foreign Minister


Greetings Team Yargos,

When the save arrives, you will find House of Ayronis lies in Mercenary hands, the remaining Mercenary slave is safely under our control once again.

The conditions demanded by Team Mercenary have been achieved. The workers are back in the control of their motherland, and we have taken compensation we deem equal to the amount requested.

We offer peace to you at this time as a result, and once again request that a border agreement be agreed upon. Team Mercenary agrees not to settle north of our current lands on our continent, Team Yargos agrees to not settle south of theirs.

It is truly unfortunate that diplomatic means were not agreed to and that so many brave troops have been required to give their lives on both sides. It is time for us both to put this behind us and get back to what was meant to be, a business relationship.

Team Yargos has been a major source of Team Mercenary work, and it has never been our desire to see Team Yargos permanently harmed. Let us make peace now before either team suffers more than needs be.

Team Mercenary Representative


Team Yargos agree to begin peace negotiation. This war should have never even started and it is sad to see all this effort for a lack of communication.

As I already said, Team Yargos are a peaceful people but if we know how to answer to those who dare to provoke us. I want to remind once more that what we did to your troops is only a consequence to a lack of communication. As you know I tried to contact you and Kloreep several time before to act consequently our goodwill cannot be questioned. You should also understand that your nature of Mercs did not help in those circumstances since your foreign policy is partially lead by money. Moreover, we also lost units for it and I don’t think that u will accept to pay for them. Finally, I want to underline that if it was really our first intention to destroy these units, we would have asked you to attack that last feudal city with them (elite enkidu in a town with wall on hills). The destruction of rented units was only for the security of our troops since we anticipated a reaction on your side.

Under these assumption, our team doesn’t feel that it owe you something for what happened.

However, we understand that this is negotiation and we need compromise on both side. Team Yargos accept peace if Team Mercs give us back Ayronis which belong to us. In exchange, Team Yargos agree, without any condition, to let you build a city on the tile u wanted for your canal opportunity. The border will be delimited by the radius of this town before expansion.

I hope to have news from you soon.


Yargos representative


Réponse des mercs

Greetings Team Yargos,

The time for the 'compromise' you put forward has long since passed. Had you agreed to such an arrangement from the beginning, there would be no issue now.

We asked for that exact arrangement. You deemed it to be 'your land' despite your lack of borders covering it, and to be a violation of your security.

Given no agreement was reached, we entered our workers into the neutral terrain. You warned us to leave or you would attack.

Whatever your reason is, we cant let any road or settling on this tile. We can't allow such a risk and let Ayronis under such a threat.

Are you seriously expecting me to beilieve our answering "no, it's neutral and we're taking it", which is what would have been our answer, would have resulted in a different scenario than your attack?

At any rate, you attacked our workers on neutral terrain. Lack of communication or not, you declared war on peaceful units in neutral terrain. You then proceeded to murder the units under rent to you. Units you were late in paying for to begin with, I may add.

We asked for the peaceful return of the workers, and for a minor tribute be payed for the rented units. You laughed at us, and claimed we could not be taken seriously, and refused both requests.

I think that you couldn't expect that you reparation request be taken seriously.

The workers have been returned, we have taken compensation for the murder of the rented units, and you should know by now we are most serious. You agreed to peace in game, giving the impression you agreed to our terms. It was only after we had passed the save you replied in writing about it being a "negotiation". I see now it was perhaps nothing more than a dirty plow to relieve the war weariness in your Republic.

Ayronis belongs to Team Mercenary, and your troops are being graciously allowed to leave Merc Territory. If you wish to resume hostilities, that is your right.

Team Mercenary Representative.