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Well it's like this . Iam so damn proud of my new Attract mode on the front end I had to let you all see itsmile (and some other eye candy to polish the look a bit).
----( dont get too happy it's just paralax scolling hehe with reader scroll)-----
Also added 2 new music's for the Attract mode and shop. Worked out the bugs so you can play the game levels one ofter the other none stop and keep all your power ups.( for as long as you can keep alive. - I flipped it twice so far)

Iam working on 2 new levels as you are reading this. (with an all new Background gfx set for the lvl 3 - 4 )...

Source : www.gp32x.com

Pour rappel, Xigon One est un petit shoot'em up qui ne paie pas de mine :






On verra bien smile
J'ai les bonbons qui collent au papier.

Adoptez le http://www.sodomyth.com/ Way of Life


Euh... On verra bien quoi ? smile


S'il ne paie pas de mine, je suppose ! grin
MK !
Collectionneur, retrogamer.
Enfin, un peu moins maintenant.


Encore une nouvelle version à télécharger, mais juste pour les 12 heures prochaines ! smile