Here is Les aventures de Lapinou (Lapinou's adventures), a new action game which is developed by Gépette Software and will be officially released this year (boxed or JoyGP).

Download the very early demo HERE (this is just a concept demo).

Of course, the final version will have far better graphics, many levels, bosses, bonuses,....


Please post your comments here the help the development Team


looks pretty fun ! i hope it will as looney tunes on genesis !!!!! good luck
l'humour est une chose très subjective , la preuve je me trouve drole


rabbit It's a funny game and i like rabbits ! rabbit
Break on through to the other side


When can we will have the finished game ? (sorry , my english is very bad smile )
rabbit Me too , i liked rabit with vegetables on my tale rabbit


Sshh... Lapinou's deeply sleeping. Don't wake him up...
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