Assez sympa, il y a du boulot derrière...

I apologize in advance that I won't be entering my Driving Game into the GBAX competition. There are various reasons for this, mostly because of the lack of time I have available.

I have however made some progress with it. I have ported the majority of the code to the GP32, and although I am having a few problems with the real hardware, I am getting flawless performance from the emulator.

As a way to show my progress, rather than release a crappy unplayable demo, I thought I would show you guys a video of the game in action on geepee32.

Download here. (XViD 1.2Mb)

There's not a great deal to look but it gives a decent idea. The ground tiles are all the same at the moment, because I haven't got round to loading the .map file. And there is only one tree (for exactly the same reason). Anyway, enjoy.

La vidéo est à télécherger ici : http://www.gp32x.com/board/index.php?showtopic=9800&st=0&#entry100791


hum il me semble que j'avais une démo de cela... qui allait plus vite ^^


ouais y'avait une version mais ct une version PC, la c'est une version GP32 smile


n'oublié pas ke ça tourne sous l'emulateur


Oui il a encore qqs pbs sur console apparement...


Un jeu de course?! love