Daz_Genetica un peu stoppé son travail sur son son jeu de course, pour se pencher sur un moteur voxel du plus bel effet smile

Well I took a little break from the Mode7 stuff in order to play around with something else I had ideas about. Eventually, it will be implemented into the same engine and will be an alternate way of displaying the ground. So far, the same tile set can be drawn in 2D(Top Down), Mode7, and soon Voxels! There may even be the possiblity of combining the last two. ie, anything above ground level could be rendered as voxels. I think that could possibly look damn awesome.

That is a prototype running in SDL on a reletively slow laptop, which normally gives me a good indication on how fast things will run on the GP32. The stuttering in the video is actually from the screencapture software. I still have to come up with a few ideas on how I can draw the sprites in this mode, as currently they won't sort with the landscape, and I'm not going to use a Zbuffer.

A télécharger ici : http://www.gp32x.com/board/index.php?s=559d5f92d69be132341b6829a469f74a&showtopic=9800&st=15&#entry102748

C'est beau smile