Rien d'extraordinaire pour le moment, mais c'est prometteur...

Just a small update in case you think I've given up on the GpLynx thingy...

CPU core is about 70% done
Mikie (System) is 50% done
Mikie (Sound) is 5% done (fakes most of it, no actual sound output)
Susie (Sprites) is 60% done
Memory (re)mapping - 100% done
Glue code for the above 100% done
Interface 1% done (no actual interface, assumes game name, etc and boots game upon loading the gxb)

Compatibility: Only tested with one game so far - Awesome Golf. Runs the title screen at full speed. Actual game itself doesn't run (most likely due to missing stuff above).

Frameskip: 0 (currently, most likely will increase when more of the above is implemented)

CPU Speed: 132Mhz. Non selectable (may change later).



Aaaahhh enfin je vais pouvoir découvrir pleinement cette console ^_^


Meme pas sad

Due to less free time, and various other things that I consider a "higher priority", all of my current GP32 development projects are suspended until August/September time this year. Maybe sooner, maybe later - I don't know yet.

I will continue to use the forums in the same way as before, but will do no more development until Aug/Sept (not that I've done that much on the gp32 anyway!).

Anyway, thought I'd let you know rather than leaving you for a while filling up my PM box with status requests



moi ki espérai jouer a chips avec le son sad