- Nice performance increase
- Added option to switch between Original/FLU/BLU and BLU+ type GP32's. Existing Doom users should delete the DOOM.OPT file in the /GAME/DOOM folder and then when loading for the first time change the options for your GP32 and it will save the correct setting for your GP32. You won't need to change it again after that. NOTE: You may need to restart once after making any changes to the GP32 type.
- First time Doom is run it will default to 'Original GP32' type as these are more common than BLU+. Simply change this setting to BLU+ if you have one.
- Fixed Nightmare difficulty bug and related input problems. Nightmare difficulty can now be played, have fun
- Fixed canceling Quit (or any other Yes/No confirmation screen) and returning to game and B is not working. BTW: On confirmation screen: B=Yes, START=No
- Fixed skip to level 31 and 32 select bug for DOOM2.WAD, TNT.WAD and PLUTONIA.WAD
- Redone the menus a bit, theres a lot more space for other settings I am planning to add.

Outstanding bugs etc
- weapon change movement bug
- fullscreen not flashing red when hit etc
- gamma fix for blu/blu+ ?
- tearing on blu+ ?

Source : http://www.gp32x.com/


c'est super! un update c'est tjs bon a prendre smile


Avec les sauvegardes smile