But it will be finished in time, yes? D:
Yup. Expect a release late tonight/tomorrow morning depending on where you live.
Well, I tried, and I failed. It's too big for RAM.
Instillation will look like this:

Unfortunately, there won't be a beta release for another 16-or-so hours, as I just was able to throw everything together after fighting the reading from Archive programs before finally settling on Xcopy. Because of this I haven't been able to playthrough the game a couple of times to make sure everything is working, and thus I do not feel comfortable releasing it yet. Sorry about this.

I'll do my very best to release a beta tomorrow, which will have everything in it I was planning for zContest. However, since I had to go into ROM to get this done, I'll add more stuff to Midnight after zContest.

Thanks, everyone!
Here's the zContest release: http://tiforge.info/zcontest3/index.php?a=projet&id=43

For some reason, I was not allowed to publish this as the "Final Archived" version. I don't know why, but this is the final version. I hope the judges understand.

I hope everyone enjoys it!
Since I don't know how to edit posts here, I'll just make a new post:
I had a small bug in my previous version that turned out to be a one byte error from optimizing, so here's the new version:
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Downloading as soon as I get TiLP to start up!