Je vais le faire, j'avais juste pas encore le temps.
oh, I better mention something:
when you open MUSEDIT, the screen might look bad, but that's DCS7 bug, not mine. grin
Please keep this english. My french is very bad, I can't read any of the french messages.

By the way, this is what I found about Simul 2:
-Gameplay: great. Pretty hard yet addictive. 13/15
-Speed: It's getting a bit slower when you go to the next stages, but that actually is useful. 4/5
-Graphics: Pretty good, I love the title screen. 3/5
-Replayability (Life): Super addicting. This does not lose any of its challenge. 5/5
-Originality: This is a new kind of game. Never seen something like this before. 4/5
-Size: Not too bad, ~8000 bytes. Probably can be a bit smaller. 3/5
Total: 32/40
Aetios, there doesn't say which game you are talking about, but that's good I think. I personally would only PM the results to contra or another admin in stead of making them public. Also something is wrong with the grading because the overall score should be x/40. I believe it says exactly in the rules page of
Have fun judging, I guess :P
Thanks, I did not know that. And I accidentally deleted the game name :$
Yes, I prefer if all the results are not public. A topic reader should not be able to know the podium.

When all the judges will finish their job, we must talk about the results together in a private room or by mail.
The best is to give the results by mail to noelthebest when you have finished.
Then when we are ok about the podium, noelthebest will send me the results and we will publish it.

Judges, if you see this msg, please give your current progress (me : nearly 100cheeky.

My progress is pretty low, since I did not have the possibility to send all files to my calc. Now I'm able to, though. I would say I'm at 8%.
I still need to judge... 1, 2, 3, 4 programs. And Pokemon Topaze is not playable on my TI-83 as I can see (2 Ram Cleared).
What's you problem with pokemon topaze?

Do you use doors cs7?
Does all the programs are archived exept ZPKMN?

When do you have the ram cleared? When saving game?
Have you tried the english version?
noelthebest (./38) :
I still need to judge... 1, 2, 3, 4 programs. And Pokemon Topaze is not playable on my TI-83 as I can see (2 Ram Cleared).

It is playable. All the people of my class play it and they all have 83 (except two 84+ wink)
Are all the appvars archived ?
And when did you ram clear (as Contra asked) ?

Did you do exactly what the readme says ?
I'll try again then.
off topic : where are you from hayleia ? Same question to noelthebest? (I'm a little bit curious tongue)
Grammer programs do not work on Wabbit Emu, looks like it needs a program and not an app but grammer 2 is also needed. :gogol:

EDIT : oh sorry Contra, I live in Clermont-Ferrand (63).
I am from somewhere near Paris smile

For Grammer progs, did you launch them through Grammer ?
Hayleia -> Yes, but maybe with the wrong version.
Huh, nobody's is close to me. tripo
Even if Clermont Ferrand is not really far (6 hours in car).

Grammer Tetris doesn't use the same grammer as Run. But the good grammer version is available in the archive of sorumone and yeong games.
Graviter has a bug/forgotten feature/some else?: If you press alpha, gravity swaps. Looks like not on purpose since the levels get too easy that way.
Swords is too hard.
AeTIos, Isn't that normal that you can controll gravity? It was in the early releases already like that iirc.
Else, it might be a cheat for bug testing. If so I wouldn't see any problem with leaving it in the game.
If it's a cheat for bug testing, I'm fine with it since it's a demo. But you can't control gravity the same way like in the old releases.
It's indeed a cheat for bug testing. If you read the readme, you would have known >>
Swords is too hard.

Yes really hard... couic
How do you do level 7 ? grin
Otherwise, I made 8561 with HELICO (geek grin ) and I found Gravity Guy quite fine.
The problem with Graviter is that it is not reaaaaly intuitive : usually when people push [clear] they want to quit, they don't want to restart. grin
By the way, I'm almost done.
Where shall I give the results ? smile
You can send it to Contra-sh. Or to the head judge. smile
He's the head judge smile
Hmm, I am just curious, do the judges clear RAM before testing each program? This category can be especially hard to test as there are a lot of shells to use.

As for the Grammer programs not working, that is a bit worrisome :/ Have you tried to run Grammer before running them?
Don't worry, all is O.K. and I'll send my resultats before the end of the week.

EDIT : there are some bugs in helico : low speed as much as you can, bonuses that kills you ( grin ) and you can also go "under the screen".
aeTIos : you must give your results today.

Finish or not... Give the things you've done smile
When the results ? smile