Jagfest 2002 Goes to New Dimensions
For Immediate Release:

June 1st, 2002

(St. Louis, MO.)-- In what could be considered an unprecedented move, the
organizers of The Sixth Annual Atari Jaguar Festival have decided to broaden
the scope of the event by showcasing not only the Atari Jaguar, but classic and
next generation systems. Adding to this, Jagfest 2k2 will also provide an
avenue for creators of "homebrew" software to show their creations to the
Last years Jagfest in Milwaukee, Wisconsin set the stage by allowing non Atari
systems to have a limited presence. This year that idea will be taken further
by making their inclusion official.

James Garvin, owner of OMC Games and a principal organizer of this year's
Jagfest, states: "Jagfest symbolizes what can happen when a group of gamers
actually care about their games, and it has survived this long because of
dedication from its community. Our goal is to insure that Jagfest will survive
for years to come, and to do this the concept of what Jagfest stands for can be
expanded to include gaming in general. The "Jag" in Jagfest won't be lost,
though. It will still retain a major presence in the show, but gamers of all
types should be able to share some of the same heritage that has kept the
Jaguar alive after all of these years. This change is just a natural
progression of the show."

Daniel Iacovelli, Founder and President of The Atari Video Club and
co-organizer of this year's Jagfest also states:" The addition of old school
and next generation will add a new dimension to the event. My club has seen the
progression of this event since its start in 1997, from just Atari
Jaguar and Lynx being shown at the first event to the addition of classic
systems shown at the last year's event, it just seemed natural to continue from
that plus extending it to new dimensions".

The Sixth Annual Atari Jaguar Festival (dubbed Jagfest 2k2) is being held in
downtown St. Louis, Missouri at The Mayfair Wyndham Historic Hotel. (806 St.
Charles Street St.Louis, Missouri 63101. Phone: 314-421-2500) on Friday, July
12th and Saturday, July 13th 2002.

For more information On Jag fest 2k2 e-mail Greg George at greg@ataritimes.com,
James Garvin at omc@omcgames.com ,Daniel Iacovelli at atarivideoclub@yahoo.com
or JT August at starsabre@worldnet.att.net visit the Jagfest 2002 site at
(be sure to visit the Jag fest message board and post your ideas for this



j'irais bien faire un tour c'est pas loin en plus gni
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Ils font comme nous, ils ont décidé d'élargir le salon à d'autres consoles wink
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c'était déjà le cas l'année dernière contrairement à ce qu'ils disent wink