(Désolé pour les non-anglophones, mais je pense que ce sujet peut intéresser pas mal de gens qui ne comprennent pas le français.)

This thread will be a plan file for the progress in the development of zDoom.

Current progress

The current work is about changing how the enemies are managed in the game. The current way is to store them in the map, but it is far from being convenient: enemies can't move more precisely than from one "tile" to another... So I'm changing this, with a strong influence of the source code of Gemini...


Good news, the enemies are now displayed more precisely than normal objects smile Now let's see what we can do with the HUD...


Now the display is fullscreen, with life and ammo shown at the bottom left and right of the screen smile
What I want to do before releasing version 0.08 is to give the enemies a simple IA, and to get rid of some annoying line display bugs.


nice gH
be sure to post a screenie asap smile



Nice, keep the good work!
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désolé de ne pas parlé anglais....

En fait c'est pour savoir si t'envisage de texturer les murs......et si tu serai d'accord pour developper le jeu avec d'autres personnes?


I'll translate (badly :/) the previous post...

"It's just to know if you'll apply a texture on walls... And if you wanna develop this game with another programmers"


1) Never.
2) Maybe.




1) it will eat too much cpu imho and won't add to the gameplay


zDoom's engine is not meant to display textured walls. It sends rays throught the map, makes a list of coordinates of the walls to be displayed, and then the walls are displayed as lines.
pacHa is right, it would eat more power (and the game is slow enough...) and would make the action less understandable.


I've just added a ridiculous AI (like the one before in fact : monsters keep shooting at you even through the walls), in order to have a rather playable game, and released the version 0.08.
You can download it in the "archives" part of the TIFT website.


can you tell me the exact procedure which gives a list of coordinates of the walls to be displayed?


The program is open souce, you know smile

The routine "raycast" casts plenty of rays to simulate the player's vision, and when one of these rays hit a wall, the map coordinate of the hit point is added in a "wall points" list.

Then, in the "display_walls", this "wall points" list is read, and the map coordinates are transformed into screen coordinates.



I was just wondering if this project was abandoned?!!
(I speak ENGLISH)


I don't think it's abandoned...it may be 'paused' though :d


Thanks!... I NEEDED help to keep up my hopes.


Hi nafets, welcome to this board smile

Good news, I have coded a little on zDoom today, and now the enemies can move by themselves. I need to write a little AI in order to make them come towards the player, because currently they move randomly in every direction, so in the end they don't move very far.


Thanks for Replying, its cool that I get to talk to you (even over the internet)
I just wanted to say, I believe in you; I know you can do it!,
Keep up the good work! Oh Yeah...
I was wondering if you could send me what you've got so far...


After a long evening of ASM-headache, the enemies now can walk towards the player. The code is very ugly but at least it works. Now I have to tweak this a little (add some randomness to their movement) and prevent them from shooting through the walls ...

nafets> Thanks smile But don't be too hopeful about this project, I program it only when I have the motivation and that's not that often (it's been 3 month that I've done nothing on it). I hope to release the next version before christmas.


I was wondering if you could change the weapons to be those from DOOM rather than Wolfenstein...
Cause that would really be cool, it would truly be zDOOM, and if you could change the Health and Ammo on the ground to look like DOOM, and the health and ammo BAR to look like DOOM.


I just sent some basic files to show what I want zDOOM to look like.


I was just wondering what the current zDOOM project is, so what is it?


Hey, I just wanted to ask what date this game comes out?, Thanks!


As I've written on the TIFT page, I will releave a new version before 2005, i.e. very soon.


Could someone please send me zDOOM 0.09? On the TIFT website, it says I'm not authorized to access the zDOOM archives, and ticalc hasn't updated their archives yet.


edit: the file is now downloadable from the TIFT website.


Amazing! Thanks for the game!


Just to let you know, ticalc.org never put your game in the archives, so maybe you should send it to calcgames.org! (just a suggestion)