I've finally finished a release candidate of a guide I've been working on to start programming the Neo-Geo with assembly language from (mostly) scratch.

The guide can be found here; there's a link to the example project a bit of the ways down.

There are a few things intentionally missing from the example (since it's just about trying to get fix layer text on the screen for now)... these gaps might be filled in future tutorials (if there's enough interest).

Comments, critique, requests for missing sections, etc. are welcome.


that's an awesome guide, gg and thank a lot for your hard work !

yet i'm actually dev on some other rivers but it's cause sega master take snk with only one hand, i hope anyway get a touch on the great neogeo once a time in my life <3
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freem, thanks... these clear simple summary of important information is incredible. ooh


Hi Freem,
thanks a lot for the final release king
I will dig throughout your tutorial next week and post how it works for me.


Hi Freem,
just want to drop the message, that I am still stepping thoughout your tutorial but when it comes to the pure 68k code I am looking on it like an ape on a ruler.
That's why I am currently reading this tutorial to learn the basics of 68k: http://mrjester.hapisan.com/04_MC68/
Maybe you could link it in your tutorial for other noobs like me wink


That would be a very good idea; I glossed over the 68K instruction set and how it works because it would require a document of its own smile I'll update the tutorial with that link.


Hi thanks for taking the time writing the tutorials freem are you planning on continuing them?I understand the 68000 instruction set and found your page quite interesting.


I have had some other tutorials planned for a while, but haven't gotten around to finishing them.

I also keep meaning to add a link to http://physinfo.ulb.ac.be/cit_courseware/asm/mc68000.htm in the tutorial but haven't done it yet for some reason (things have gotten busy here over the past month)


Well I hope you find the time in the future to continue as the neo geo hardware is very interesting and I'd like to start programming for it.To other members that are interested in learning to code in 68000,this is a great simulator so you can watch the memory and registers(good way of understanding).http://www.easy68k.com/


There are a few examples (with varying documentation) available as part of the freemlib for Neo-Geo, though the examples may use the library a bit and it isn't set up like a "real" tutorial (e.,g. Nerdy Nights). Granted, this document would probably be an introduction to said tutorials.


Ok thank you freem I'll have a look at them,I'm aware of the Nerdy Nights tutorial and I used it alittle when first starting nes development.