O_o (./29) :
why don't you start porting it ?

I just need a specialist who can adaptate original sources to the NG platform features. And at the same time to bring some changes to game play, to make this games more suitable for arcade game format (I`ll tell more details about this changes lates).




O_o (./31) :
Yeah, and of course this specialist should work for weeks on this project just for you and for free ?

How much this specialist would like for this?


It doesn't work like that. This project would require several months of work at the very least. So unless you've got enough money to pay a salary, forget about it.

In general, people who can code aren't looking for project ideas - they've got enough on their own, and when you work for free, you'd rather work on something you like.

I suggest reading this : http://atariage.com/forums/topic/82555-to-all-non-programmer-idea-peddlers/ (it's about Atari 2600 games, but the core applies to homebrew programming in general)

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Well I would not mind for ~500€/day, but it is going to take month also because I don't own the device ;P (and can't promise a result anyway)

But how Orion says in a hard way, that's not how things are working, unless you are prepared to pay a real salary (or even more)
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I`m afraid, I`ll have to learn C and NG architecture by myself, because I haven`t resources to pay routinely for porters.