Personne n'a osé se procurer une Retron 77 ?

RetroN 77: HD Gaming Console for 2600 - HyperkinHyperkin LabWe Built a Beast. Play the most competitive and exciting Wii U games with the advantage of a classic-style controller. Inspired by top Super Smash Bros. players desiring the familiar feel of a GameCube controller, the Hyperkin ProCube Controller for the Wii U combines that same classic look with the modern features of a Wii U Pro Controller. The first of its kind with no Wii U Remote required!




Non pas osé, je reste sur les machines originales (et 7800 !)
A noter qu'apparemment y'a qq homebrews dans la RetroN77
avatarRevival Gamers : toute l'actu du jeu vidéo homebrew - demoscene - reportage - programmation - ...