But what's about pieces of code by 04BA6E, 04BDBA, 04CD6E, 04D28A, 04DB40 and 04E1D6 addresses?


By the way, since we ingaged in disassembly reverse engineering, is there a MIPS3 assembly languange specialists here? I need them to make a RE of Xenosaga Episode II disassembly, and after that to create a Shaman King role\combat system on the base of Xenosaga Episode II role\combat system RE results.

Here is the IDA Pro file with a SLUS_208.92 disassembly code - I supposed, the PS2 files with a names of such format is a functional analogue of EXE files on PC.


Also I think, It's worth to borrow some future SK role/combat system elements from Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal (Unfortunately, I didn't learn yet, how to disassemble the whole GBC rom file - not only the ROM bank which is accessible at this moment. Does anybody here know how to do it?) and from Doom RPG mobile game (the decompiled Java source files are taken using DJ Java Decompiler).