Playing with short sounds and looking for an information
set_soundcommand take à sound define adresse (using for instance Blastar Sound System)
Is it possible to change sound channel to use multiples sounds effects (1 to 5) ?
I am using the neo geo dev kit without Datlib
Thanks for your answers


why don't you just try sending another soundcommando? grin
both soundbuilder rotate automatically through the adpcm-a channels 1-5, the 6th channel is used for extremely long samples (huge explosions or announcer) or for adpcm-a background sound.


I really appreciate your help smile
I try last night to send 2 soundSwarzyCommand and it seems that first was stopped when second start
It was late so my apologize smile

Ok, i am now curious about the 6th channel ...
adpcm-a background sound -> do you mean BGM music for instance ?
So how to set the right wav in this channel ? The lenght is the key ? In seconds ?

By the way, love your NoParty ... and especially the raster tricks ...
It remind me some of ones we used for the atari st ... smile


first you should check in the type column in which format the samples were recognized and included.

samples <> 18500hz are included as ADPCM-B and assigned to this channel, a sound-command which also plays a sound of this type interrupts this channel of course.

samples = 18500hz are automatically included as ADPCM-A sounds and are cut to a 1mb (~1,51min, hardware limit) if they are too big. normally these samples are played rotatingly over channels 1-5. for long samples (big explosions etc) which should not be interrupted the checkbox "BGM Channel" should be used, samples with this flag are assigned to the 6th channel and are not interrupted by normal samples.

there is an option to set the ADMPC type when importing the sounds but there is no resampling, that means the ADPCM-A <> 18500hz will be played at the wrong speed.

it is important to wait (just a few cycles) between sending sound commands so that the Z80 can process them... if they are sent too fast they can get lost... commercial sound drivers have to deal with this too!