Hello, everyone. It's been a while, hasn't it? I haven't actually left the Neo-Geo dev scene, but various things have happened over the past few years, and I feel I should at least let you guys know I'm not dead or something.

I'd like to start off by apologizing to everyone for just up and ghosting, but especially apologies to furrtek, HPMAN, BlackJack, and blastar (thanks for the greets!).
A lot of this has to do with me not running Skype anymore + not remembering my Freenode NickServ password off the top of my head.
Another major part of it has been a redirection in my main project focus, which will be briefly touched on later (as it's off-topic to the forum).

There's a few NGDEV wrenches in the works that I have to deal with at some point:

The first of these is the realization that I couldn't use vasm for commercial work, according to the documents (emphasis mine):
vasm is copyright in 2002-2019 by Volker Barthelmann.

This archive may be redistributed without modifications and used for non-commercial purposes.

An exception for commercial usage is granted, provided that the target CPU is M68k and the target OS is AmigaOS. Resulting binaries may be distributed commercially without further licensing.

In all other cases you need my written consent.
While this means vasm is still great for simple tutorials and open-source work, it meant I couldn't move forward trying to make a ("simple") commercial game (for NGCD, due to lower production costs) with it. At least, that's my understanding of the terms given above.

I haven't yet decided on a replacement 68k assembler, but I have been eyeing two candidates:
  • naken_asm (github), which supports both the 68000 and Z80 (among other architectures). I have no idea if it contains a linker as well, or if that has to be supplied externally.
  • GNU as, which I've wanted to avoid due to not using Motorola syntax by default, though that can be fixed...


Most of you know that before I fell off the face of NGDEV, I was working on Neo-Geo sound stuff. HPMAN was very nice and threw me a tracker shell at some point, which I did nothing with because I suck sad

Fast forward a few years, and there's a nice little program called BambooTracker. While it targets the YM2608, it shouldn't be too hard to adapt it for the YM2610. I just need to find the time to do it, which is an issue...

Here's the boring off-topic part of the post where I explain why I haven't been working on Neo-Geo stuff.

Some time back in 2000, I wanted to make a hack of a Nintendo 64 game called Virtual Pro-Wrestling 2. Fast forward 19 years, and I finally did it. Holy shit.
On top of that hack, I needed to create a tool to help me make the hack, which has also eaten time.

This isn't even getting into the next "dream" project, which will eat up my time once I start taking it seriously.

Some quick notes of interest:
  • With the closure of Geocities Japan (after what feels like a lifetime), YY-CHR has moved here:
    YY-CHR @wikiYY-CHR @wiki広告のブロック機能について アドブロックを入れていると、wikiに添付した画面の画像が表示されないことがあります。 wikiの解説ページで画像が見えていないと思ったら、一時的にブロックを解除する...
  • The MUCOM88 sound driver, created by Yuzo Koshiro, has been open sourced (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license) and also ported to Windows (GitHub project)

Alright, that should be pretty much everything I wanted to cover. Hopefully I'll find some free time to solve some of the above problems in the future.


Welcome back! I believe I've run across your work during my quest to program thr neogeo.


welcome back, I missed your contributions! smile


Hey man
Welcome back home tongue


Welcome back !




Hey welcome back freem - you should ask the guy who wrote Vasm if it's ok to use it for your creation before you quit. I'm sure his intention was to stop big commercial companies using it free rather than small guys. At worst he might just take a small licencing fee.